Expedition TripTiks

We’ve seen things you people couldn’t possibly imagine… but you can visit! From a ship wash in the Ashab system to a study in Ancient Races as well as visiting various Shattered World systems, our TripTiks provide a new way to study and see the sights of New Eden. Our Signal Cartel Scouts are responsible for generating the Expedition TripTiks which provide a list of interesting beacons, landmarks, or other sites of interest in the New Eden that would make for a fun expedition either solo or in a group. Each TripTik provides summarized info for each site and links to external resources (like Mark726’s EvE Travel blog or canon lore sources such as the Chronicles, EVE Source, or the EVE novels) for more extensive detail.

001The Elder War TourReminders from the YC110 conflict
002Ancient Races of New EdenSummary expedition for Ancient Races series
002.1Ancient Races: SleepersMetropolisPart of the Ancient Races series
002.2Ancient Races: TakmahlKadorPart of the Ancient Races series
002.3Ancient Races: TalocanThe ForgeOtitohPart of the Ancient Races series
002.4Ancient Races: Yan JungSinq LaisonDeltolePart of the Ancient Races series
003EVE Gate ExpeditionGenesisA popular pilgrimage for capsuleers
004The Ancestral HomeworldsWhich is your character's ancestral homeworld?
005Fragments of Lore IA selection of unconnected locations mentioned in the Chronicles
006Choonka's Ship WashDomainAshabA fun site for all to visit
007Shattered WorldsLocations directly impacted by the Seyllin Incident
008Scholar's VoyageResearch-related sites in New Eden
009Katia Sae MemorialThe ForgeSaisioMonument commemorating the completion of Katia Sae’s journey
010Jita MemorialThe ForgeJitaA monument to two events.
011The Caldari-Gallente WarThis tour visits the various sites associated with the Caldari-Gallente War.
012Eternal Rest at the Capsuleer CemeteryKhanidMoleaThis TripTik would take you to the location where thousands of containers holding the remains of Capsuleers rest in the quiet orbit of Molea II.
013The Bloodbath of B-R5RBImmenseaB-R5RBOne of the largest player fought battles in EvE Online history.
014Null-Sec Politics as of YC122Three Null-Sec Alliances that have shaped New Eden for the past decade.
015ONLY Named planet in wormhole spaceF-R00030J102834Did you know that Eyjafjallajökull II is the only named Planet in Eve Wormhole Space?
016City of GodDevoidShastalThe ruins of an ancient Amarrian city.
017Violent WormholeGenesisPromised LandVisit an artificial wormhole created by Sansha’s Nation.
018Unity Station Monument of 9UY4-HProvidence9UY4-HVisit the monument commemorating the famous Unity Station of 9-UY4H in Providence.
019Only Named System in SyndicateSyndicatePoitotDid you know that Poitot is the only named system in Syndicate?
020Industries of EVEThis tour will show you how the Industries of New Eden have changed and continued to exist in the Post-Human era.
021Empress Catiz I Honor GuardDomainAmarrSee the Amarrian Honor Guard, an impressive array of might and majesty, still on station at Amarr Prime.
022Birthday BashThe CitadelTunudanThe site of the Chappy Birthday Bash
023Summary expedition for the Gate Clouds of New EdenGate Clouds of New Eden
023.1Gate Clouds of New Eden – CatchCatchGate Clouds of New Eden – Catch
023.2Gate Clouds of New Eden – Cloud RingCloud RingGate Clouds of New Eden – Cloud Ring
023.3Gate Clouds of New Eden – DelveDelveGate Clouds of New Eden – Delve
023.4Gate Clouds of New Eden – FeythabolisFeythabolisGate Clouds of New Eden – Feythabolis
023.5Gate Clouds of New Eden – FountainFountainGate Clouds of New Eden – Fountain
023.6Gate Clouds of New Eden – TenalTenalGate Clouds of New Eden – Tenal
023.7Gate Clouds of New Eden – Vale of the SilentVale of the SilentGate Clouds of New Eden – Vale of the Silent
023.8Gate Clouds of New Eden – Wicked CreekWicked CreekGate Clouds of New Eden – Wicked Creek
024The CarnivalMetropolisBarkrikAbandoned Gallente trading hub and carnival site structures.
025Mysterious ProbeEssenceCharmeroutWhat is this probe doing all the way out here?
026The Ancient TombDevoidOyemanA monument associated the first Amarr-Minmatar war