Waypoint Systems

(Alphabetical Order)


TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: This is a challenging itinerary, because while most systems are highsec, Mishi is behind deep lowsec, Intaki is a 0.1 and Utopia is 0.0.

The Ancestral Homeworlds

This is a tour that visits all the original home planets of the various races and bloodlines existing in New Eden today (even the Jove), so one of these systems is where your character came from. The systems are mostly widely separated so plan carefully and bring your cloak.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. The Gallente & Caldari homeworlds are in the same system (Luminaire), so take the time to check out the Operation Highlander Memorial over Caldari Prime and the other battle sites in the system relating to the Gallente/Caldari War.

Amarr. Amarr Prime (aka Athra) – homeworld of the True Amarr and Khanid bloodlines, also the Udorian line. More info here.

Intaki. Intaki V – homeworld of the Intaki bloodline of Syndicate fame (caution: sec status 0.1). More info here.

Lirsautton. Lirsautton V (aka Chandeille/Tei-Su) – homeworld of the Jin-Mei bloodline. More info here.


  • Luminaire VI – Gallente Prime. The original homeworld of the Gallente settlers from Tau Ceti. More info here.
  • Luminaire VII – Caldari Prime. Homeworld of the Civire and Deteis bloodlines. More info here.

Mishi. Mishi IV – homeworld of the Ni-Kunni bloodline. [Researcher Note: This is where I come from. See you there!] More info here.

Pator. Pator IV (aka Matar) – original homeworld of the Seven Tribes of Minmatar and all their bloodlines. More info here.

Saisio. Saisio III (aka Achura) – homeworld of the Achura bloodline. More info here.

Utopia. Utopia III – former homeworld of the Jove race during the Second Jove Empire (caution: sec 0.0!). More info here.

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Published by Signal Cartel’s 1420.Expeditionary Division

Researcher: Cassandra Habalu

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