Waypoint Systems

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TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Sites are located in highsec. You will need a relic
analyzer. NPC pirates or rogue drones are present in the sites.

Ancient Races: Takmahl

Apart from the major human societies of today there are remnants of older races to be found in New Eden. The Sleepers, Takmahl, Talocan, and Yan Jung were human descendants, too. They populated the Cluster thousands of years ago but have long since vanished. The relics they left behind can still be explored today.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. This expedition is part of our Ancient Races series. It focuses on just those sites associated with ancient Takmahl. The other TripTiks in this series can be found in our TripTiks library.

The Takmahl were a race of humans once part of the Amarr Empire. For reasons that remain unknown, but were very likely related to their Sani Sabik practices, they were exiled from the Empire, and lived for centuries in solitude. They were undoubtedly masters of Cybernetics and Bio-Engineering Technology.

Takmahl relics can be found inside The Labyrinth, an anomaly near the central star of the Aphi system, and near the Museum Arcana in the Zimse system, both in the Araz constellation of the Amarr Empire. To enter the museum the Key of the Arcane is needed, that can be found in a relic container near the acceleration gate. Inside the museum the Key to the Labyrinth can be obtained from The Curator, which is required to enter The Labyrinth.

Aphi. Warp to the system’s star, take gate to The Labyrinth. More info at EvE Travel.

Zimse. Warp to Museum Arcana beacon, take gate to the Museum Foyer. More info at EvE Travel.

Our Expedition TripTiks are published as a service to New Eden and are intended to encourage capsuleers to visit and learn more about interesting destinations in the Cluster.

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Published by Signal Cartel’s 1420.Expeditionary Division

Researcher: Justine Volontaire

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