Waypoint Systems

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TIP: Set each system in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TIP: A small ship with high warp speed and fast align time will greatly reduce the time needed for travel as well as make you harder to catch.

TRAVEL NOTE: This site is located in Low-Sec in an effective Null-sec state, so be aware of potential gate camps and various no-goodniks who may attempt to cause you harm.

Birthday Bash

The site of the Chappy Birthday Bash.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. On September 23, YC 122 a Capusleer by the name of Chappy78 Chapman had his last birthday celebration in New Eden and all other worlds. Diagnosed with terminal cancer he indicated to the Capsuleer community that he wished to take part in one last birthday celebration that was a bash in the most literal sense: A massive Capital and Subcapital fleet battle in the system of Tunudan.

The Capsuleer community reacted in a way, that might surprise outside observers and base-liners alike: they put aside all of their differences, ambitions, grievances and concerns for one day to give one of their own the send off he deserved. 2000 Capsulseer’s from all parts and alliances of New Eden answered the call and participated in that most important event. The event has also been dubbed “World War Chappy”.

Wrecks of many of the might war machines involved in that most important fight can be seen today, with the dramatic back drop of a star looking on.

This is what a community in the cosmos and of Earth truly is, and we all are honored to be members of it. But most of all Chappy we will not forget you and you will live forever in our hearts and both the stars that are real and the ones that we imagine.

For more information, see the EvE Online Forums, EvE Travel, and MassivelyOP.

Tunudan. After entering the system, use the Signal Cartel bookmark.

World War Chappy

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Published by Signal Cartel’s 1420.Expeditionary Division

Researcher: Yankee Sullivan

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