Waypoint Systems

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TIP: Set each system in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in deep nullsec. Fly clever on this expedition!

The Bloodbath of B-R5RB

One of the largest player fought battles in EvE Online history.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. This battle pitted the CFC Coalition and Russian Alliances against N3 and Pandemic Legion Coalition. The battle involved 7,548 players with an estimated loss of 11 Trillion ISK (converted to $300,000-$330,000 USD) worth of ships. Losses more specifically included 576 capital ships, 75 of them being Titans. The CFC and Russian alliances dominated the battle with a clear win in YC116 (2014) with CCP creating a permanent monument in system nicknamed “The Titanomachy”.

B-R5RB. On entering the system, head to marker called “Titanomachy”.

More information about the monument:

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Published by Signal Cartel’s 1420.Expeditionary Division

Researcher: Maxwell Kurvora

Signal Cartel