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waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TIP: A small ship with high warp speed and fast align time will greatly increase the time it takes to get from site to site.

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in high security space. If your security status is below -2.5, traveling there could be problematic for you.

Additionally it is likely that your route may take you through low security space, so be aware of potential gate camps and various no-goodniks who may attempt to cause you harm.

The Caldari-Gallente War

This tour visits the various sites associated with the Caldari-Gallente War.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. The conflict between the Caldari and Gallente has a long history spanning centuries. Countless battles have been fought and lives lost. While all out war ended after the battle of Iyen-Oursta in AD 23224 and peace was negotiated by CONCORD in YC 12 a cold war continued. The out break of the Empyrean War YC 110 the Origin system of both the Caldari and Gallente: Luminaire, saw fighting once again, and laid the groundwork for a smoldering conflict that continues between the Capsuleer Militias to this day. This tour will highlight some of the pivotal locations in the Luminaire system while also showing examples of modern structures used by both sides to support the ongoing skirmishing.

Algogille. Algogille Graveyard – YC 110 the Caldari surprise offensive began here. CONCORD had been render inoperable by the Minmatar Elder fleet in order to support their own offensive against the Amarr. This created the opportunity for the Caldari Navy to attack the Gallente in order to gain control of Caldari Prime, before they could reach Caldari Prime they crushed a much smaller Gallente navy here. More info here.


Luminaire Graveyard – In YC 110 at the direction Tibus Heth a Caldari force launched a surprise attack on the Gallente with the intention of recapturing Caldari Prime taking advantage of the disruption in Concord coverage caused by the Minmatar’s offensive in the Elder Wars. The Gallente fleets last stand can be seen at this location. The Caldari force moved from this location and set up the Titan Shiigeru and its attendant fleet to oversee the occupation of the planet. Wrecks from both factions can be found at this site. More info here.

Caldari Monument – An odd site to be found in a system the Gallente fought so hard to gain complete control over. However it is fitting: An old Caldari station turned into a monument. It serves as a stark reminder that the Gallente and Caldari originate from the same system and once worked hand in hand. It also serves as a reminder of the cataclysmic conflict that resulted in their painful separation. Lastly, perhaps the presence of this monument suggests a cultural tolerance that might bring these two great people together again. More info here.

Operation Highland location – In YC 113 tensions erupted into fighting over Caldari Prime. The two empires funneled forces in supported by loyal capsuleers. After heavy fighting the Gallente gained the upper hand and destroyed the Shiigeru. The Titan broke up and half of it crashed down onto Caldari Prime. This site is where the Shiigeru was destroyed and on the planet angry orange lines of destruction can still be seen from orbit to this day. A demilitarization of Caldari Prime was agreed to after this ending for the time being centuries of off and on conflict over the planet. More info at EvE Travel, World News, and more World News.

Though Caldari Prime is today demilitarized, and the Caldari State and Gallente Federation are no longer openly at war, battles between the two factions frequently transpire. In the Black Rise region of space capsuleer militias continue the ancient war. The two governments provide support to these capsuleers which can be clearly shown with these two sites.

Noghere. Unmarked Operation – Located in Essence just a few jumps from the Black Rise region, but still securely inside Gallente space. This structure belongs to the secretive and ultra nationalist Black Eagles, a special operative group of the Gallente Military. Clearly intended to keep an eye on border systems leading to Black Rise, more suspiciously this base could also be used to keep an eye on Gallente citizens inside Essence as well. Truly a side effect of having fought such a long war with a people you had once considered your own. More info here.

Astoh. Caldari Navy Nexus Relay – Though more overt in nature, this small shipyard guarded by Chimera-class Carrier serves a purpose similar to that of the Gallente unmarked operation: that over-watch and support of the Militia operations going on within the Black Rise region. The sort of perpetual vigilance and readiness that centuries of strife can create in a people once again fully on display. Interestingly an infested watch tower is also present at this site. What purpose it serves is not immediately clear. More info here.

Algogille Graveyard
Luminaire Graveyard
Luminaire Caldari Monument
Luminaire orange glows of Titan crash still visible from orbit
Noghere Unmarked Operation
Astoh Caldari Navy Nexus Relay

Additional References Used:
Empyrean Age by Tony Gonzales
EVE Source by CCP Games

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