Waypoint Systems

(Alphabetical Order)

Old Man Star
Serpentis Prime

TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Of the systems listed here, only the Kamokor system could be considered “safe” as it is in highsec. The low sec system Old Man Star is frequently camped, especially the very gate that this TripTik sends you to. Fly clever on this expedition!

Fragments of Lore I

A random, unconnected series of in-game locations that are the subject of (or mentioned in) some of the EVE Chronicles.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. All of these locations are either individual planets, entire systems, or a particular object. All will be visible on your overview and/or the map. Don’t forget to read each entry’s relevant Chronicle first. Caution: other players may not respect the significance to you of some of these locations when you visit them (gatecamps!).

Atioth. The Atioth system, formerly Vak’Atioth, site of the Amarr Empire’s most notorious defeat (Jovians!). More info here.

Bersyrim. Bersyrim III was colonised over 500 years ago and is one of the oldest extant colonies in the Empire. More info here.

Dom-Aphis. The Dom-Aphis <—> Iderion stargate is where the Peralles went in and never came out again… More info here.

Kamokor. Kamokor IV is where Mordu’s Legion was formed in the act of liberating a persecuted Intaki enclave. More info here.

Old Man Star. The OMS <—> Villore gate is the one that Ceul Darieux built himself during his accidental 50-year exile. More info here.

Poitot. “The only named system in Syndicate” is HQ for Silphy en Diabel’s Intaki Syndicate as it exists today. More info here.

Serpentis Prime. The home system of the Serpentis Corporation pirate clan, deep inside Fountain nullsec. More info here.

Shintaht. Konrakas (Shintaht IV) is a very mineral-rich planet, heavily contested for its resources. More info here.

Our Expedition TripTiks are published as a service to New Eden and are intended to encourage capsuleers to visit and learn more about interesting destinations in the Cluster.

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