Waypoint Systems

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Ardishapur Prime

TIP: Set each system in the TripTik as a waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TIP: A small ship with high warp speed and fast align time will greatly increase the time it takes to get from site to site.

TRAVEL NOTE: Some of this Trip Tik Sites are located in high security space. If your security status is below -2.5, traveling there could be problematic for you. At least one of these sites is located in Low-Sec, so be aware of potential gate camps and various no-goodniks who may attempt to cause you harm. At least one of these sites is located in Null-sec, so familiarity with Interdiction bubbles or using a Bubble immune interceptor is advised.

Industries of EVE

This tour will show you how the Industries of New Eden have changed and continued to exist in the Post-Human era.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. New Eden in recent years has seen its Economy become dominated by Capsuleer owned and operated businesses in many sectors of industry. However, the ships and structures produced by these Capsuleers all have their origins in Businesses they have never had a full stake in and some that predate the creation of Capsuleers. Some areas of industry remain firmly in the hands of the Empires like entertainment and beverages.

Ardishapur Prime. Amarr Mining Station. Before the Capsuleer and Outer Ring Excavation forever changed the economy and how resources were gathered the Amarr Empire made use of stations such as this. While not a unique site, it is still a striking one. The asteroids have apparently long since been hollowed out and stripped of anything of value. In the Rorqual and Exhumer era a station like this has truly become obsolete. More information can be found at EvE Travel.

Tolle. Impetus Studios. Began in 22503 AD as a company that made collectible card games. Eventually, over the centuries it moved into film production, and then eventually developed the technology used in Holoprojector production. This technology was cemented with the success of with the movie “Fallen Empire” the highest grossing film in Gallente history. They built upon that success by creating the first instant news relays, a technology The Scope has shown great interest in. A last amusing note is that Impetus also holds a yearly festival in partnership with Quafe cola that many Capsuleers attend, often receiving a commemorative Quafe T-shirt and other goodies for attending. For more information, visit EvE Travel.

Ourapheh. Astrahus Exemplar Site. Upwell Consortium burst onto the scene in YC 117 with its line of infrastructure hubs aimed at the Capsuleer market. Founded by a number of powerful interests which included the former owner of ORE, Mordu’s Legion, Intaki Bank, and several other business firms. With release of their new structures they began construction of several Exemplar sites. Many of which were promptly destroyed by Capsuleers. These sites are Basically “Model Homes”, and while the construction is over they can still be visited to this day. This site serves as a testament to what a financial force Capsuleers are and how a company that can tailor products to them can become very rich, very quickly. Visit EvE Travel for more information.

Egbinger. Minmatar Shipyards. Though the “youngest” of the four empires navies the Minimatar Republic fleet is still not to be trifled with. Here a construction yard is hard at work producing Naglfar Dreadnoughts. With the proliferation of Capital and Super Capital fleets by the Null Sec Blocs its easy to forget that those behemoths were originally designed and employed by the Empires and other factions first. This site serves as a reminder that it isn’t just the Capsuleers who can produce large numbers of massive ships. EvE Travel for more information.


Roden Center. Owned by former President Jacon Roden, Roden Shipyards has had a profound impact on New Eden both with its leader’s powerful personality and ambition as well as the companies many excellent ships which include the Enyo, Phobos and Occator. The Roden Center is a hub of much of this activity, and undoubtedly a site where much of the research and development the company is famous for goes on at.

Roden Shipyard. Here Roden Shipyards builds Megathrons, undoubtedly in fulfillment of a contract with the Gallente armed forces. This is not a unique site and brings home the considerable industrially capacity that Roden has at his disposal.

Please visit EvE Travel for additional information.

Addendum Sites:
Added for a sense of completion and reason to showcase the lore.

These sites are only stations, and not necessarily unique but will be used as a platform to explain the importance of the company.

Lirsautton. Quafe Cola Headquarters. There probably isn’t a product or logo that isn’t better known through out New Eden than Quafe. Enjoyed by all members of the Empire, Capsuleer and Baseliner alike. Quafe’s marketing department has sometimes joked that “Quafe was the best Gallente ambassador there ever was”. Indeed the brand inspires such respect that in YC 95 that company representatives were used to settle a dispute between the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation. Additional information can be found on the EvE WIKI about the company, chronicle, and the Girani-Fa incident.

Outer Ring. Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Stations. Back in YC 91 when ORE had just been founded it struggled to survive in a market dominated by large companies that often undercut their bids. But in the companies fifth year they discovered a Nocxium mother-lode just outside of Gallente space. In short order ORE became unbelievable rich by keeping tight control over the Nocxium market. After its founders departed the company and relations with Mordu’s Legion, who had long provided security for ORE had gone bad, it was seized in a hostile take over by the Serpentis who now have shares in ORE and the Upwell consortium as a result. ORE has also designed iconic mining ships used heavily by Capsuleers such as the Rorqual, Venture, and ubiquitous Hulk. You can visit the EvE WIKI and EvE Fandom for more information.

Ardishapur Amarr Mining Station
Tolle Impetus Studios
Ourapheh Astrahus
Egbinger Minmatar Shipyards
Iyen-Oursta Roden Center
Iyen-Oursta Roden Shipyard
Lirsautton Quafe Cola
Outer Ring ORE

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