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TIP: Set each system in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TIP: Jita day to day is one of the most violent systems in New Eden, generally focused on the “suicide ganking” of valuable ships. A traveler would be well advised to not fly anything that might make a rare kill mail while visiting the monument.

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in high security space. If your security status is below -2.5, traveling there could be problematic for you.

Jita Memorial

A monument to two events.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. Originally a statue to celebrate the winners of the Ruevo Aram Riddle Competition. During the summer of YC 113 (2011) the Capsuleers rioted against the status quo of the galaxy for several weeks in which the monument became a primary target of the raging fleets.

This monument twice serves as a reminder of the capabilities of the Capsuleers. First, it shows how brilliant and clever they can be: a monument literally to celebrate the solving of devious riddles. Second, it serves to show how truly powerful the Capsuleers can be in their wrath when stirred to truly unified action right or wrong.

Jita. On entering the Jita system, head to Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant. The memorial is just off of the undock.

More information about the monument:

Credit: Frendir Kahoudi

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