Waypoint Systems

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TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in high security space. If your security status is below -2.5, traveling there could be problematic for you.

The Journey of Katia Sae Memorial

Visit a memorial raised by the Achura Stargazers Society, in association with Signal Cartel, to commemorate the completion of Katia Sae’s journey.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. “In the unending dark of space, there are a few bright lights to which we can reliably turn for guidance and inspiration. Katia Sae is one such beacon, a shining example of what we can all aspire towards. She exemplifies the attitude of a true explorer: friendly to all in her travels, neutral and never initiating aggression, and very, very hard to catch.”

“She began her quest to explore all of New Eden starting from Saisio III on December 1 of YC111 (2009) and came full circle back to Saisio on March 9 of YC121 (2019) after having explored every known-space and wormhole system that can be reached – all without a single ship loss.”

“May Katia Sae’s epic journey be remembered forevermore by all who travel into the furthest reaches of New Eden and the fathomless depths of Anoikis. Every star is one of her footprints, and every heavenly body tells the tale: ‘Katia Sae was here.'” – Monument inscription

Saisio. On entering the Saisio system, head to the Abagawa Gate, which was the first gate Katia jumped through at the start of her journey. The memorial is just off of the gate. More info at Katia Sae’s blog and at EvE Travel.

Photo Credit: Mynxee
Video Credit: CCP Games

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Published by Signal Cartel’s 1420.Expeditionary Division

Researcher: Katia Sae

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