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TRAVEL NOTE: Sites are located in deep nullsec. Fly clever on this expedition!

Null-Sec Politics as of YC122

At the time of this writing, YC122 (2020), these are the three Null-Sec Alliances that have shaped New Eden for the past decade.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. In the past few years the following three Null-Sec Alliances and their Coalitions have (arguably) shaped the current Null-Sec political system and any future capsuleer history of New Eden. These three have also been influencing history for the past decade as well.

Visiting the home system Keepstar of each power bloc is a challenging but rewarding task. These citadels are the largest type in New Eden and represent an entire self-sufficient capsuleer ecosystem far away from the four main empires.

1DQ1-A. This is home to the Goonswarm Federation and its over 29,000 member alliance. They are part of the Imperium Coalition and have operated in New Eden since YC108 (2006).

D-PNP9. This is the home of Test Alliance Please Ignore or TEST and its over 15,000 member alliance. They are part of the Legacy Coalition and were founded in YC 112 (2010).

R1O-GN. This is the home of Pandemic Horde and its over 20,000 member alliance. They are part of the PanFam Coalition and were founded in YC117 (2015).

NOTE: This content is dynamic and may or may not be there on arrival. Please let Signal Cartel know if the sites contained in this TripTik become invalid.

1DQ1-A Goonswarm Federation
D-PNP9 Test Alliance Please Ignore
R1O-GN  Pandemic Horde

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