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TIP: This system is located in wormhole space and therefore will have to found on your own.

Safest Projected Route: Is there one? Just go explore the vastness of wormhole space and hope you come across this one!

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in wormhole space. Probes will be needed to scan down connections until the system is found. C6 wormholes are considered the most dangerous as they are usually owned by fairly active player corps/alliances that do not wish to be disturbed.

ONLY Named planet in wormhole space

Did you know that Eyjafjallajökull II (after the Icelandic volcano) is the only named Planet in Eve Wormhole Space?

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. This expedition will take you to the furthest reaches of New Eden, to the deepest and darkest place in Anoikis, a class 6 wormhole. Capsuleer be forewarned, but if you’re curios, the effort will really pay off. The planet is stunning with its huge flaming redness taking over the vast span of space around it. You will not regret taking a look if you happen to come across this system!

For more information on this system, check out this article “The Hunt for Red Eyjafjallajökull (part 1)” by Sindel Pellion. It’s the start of her journey to find the infamous planet which you can continue to read about. Also, watch the CCP produced promotional video below featuring Sindel Pellion. (There’s one part in there I find very funny – Katia Sae)

For real life information on the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull that the second planet is named after you can visit this link. There’s also an article on EvE Online by CCP Hellmar, “CCP Inspired by Iceland“, when the volcano erupted back in 2010.

J102834. Warp to the second planet in the system and you will find Eyjafjallajökull, the only named planet in all of wormhole space.

Eyjafjallajökull II
EVE Online – Nobody Has Been Everywhere #myEVEstory, CCP Promotional Video

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Researcher: Flea Oklif

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