Waypoint Systems

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TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in Null security space in Syndicate. An interdiction-immune interceptor (Ares, Crow, Malediction, or Stilleto) is suggested for pilots new to flying outside of higher security systems.

Only Named System in Syndicate

Did you know that Poitot is the only named system in Syndicate?

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. Every solar system in Syndicate has the alphanumeric style code-name commonly given to Null security systems across New Eden with the exception of a single named system – Poitot.

Capsuleers latched onto Poitot’s unique status almost immediately, making the system infamous. “Did you know that Poitot is the only named system in Syndicate?” has become a memetic joke among capsuleers, who ask this (often rhetorical) question as a way to bond with other pilots. The Poitot phenomenon has spread throughout New Eden such that souvenir postcards are now available for purchase in most major trade hubs.

In addition to its general renown among capsuleer pilots, Poitot also has political importance as the regional capital of the Intaki Syndicate.

Poitot. Upon entering the system, visit the regional corporate headquarters for the Intaki Syndicate Bureau and the Intaki Space Police.

For EvE Lore/Fiction check out this article, Poitot as well as this link for more information and a bit of fun!

Poitot V – Moon 14 – Intaki Syndicate Bureau
Poitot VI – Moon 17 – Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant

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