Waypoint Systems

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TIP: Links provide access to a great deal more information for the listed sites. To get the most out of your expedition, take time to explore them.

TIP: Set each system in the TripTik as a waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Ezzara is a low sec system accessible only via other low sec systems (or a wormhole, if you’re lucky). Caution is advised.

Scholar’s Voyage

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge with this array of scholarly sites.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. Whether you’re interested in cutting edge genetic research, ancient knowledge, or the latest best-seller, these sites will satisfy your curiosity. Sites are listed in the order you are recommended to visit them.

Lanngisi. The Project Discovery Phase 1 Monument is located about 50 km from the SOE station. The first Project Discovery citizen science project began in YC118 with the goal of creating a comprehensive protein atlas from Drifter tissue samples. The monument appears to have an active entosis link; some capsuleers have reported receiving DNA references after activating the link. More info at EvE Travel.

Zimse. The Museum Arcana is home to lush biodomes and mysterious Takmahl artifacts. The museum is behind an acceleration gate. To tour it, visitors must have a Key of the Arcane (available via contract) in their cargo hold. Many of the secondary repositories surrounding the museum are active, so be sure to take the proper equipment with you. (Note: Properly prepared, you may be able to collect a few tokens which will give you access to another site, The Labyrinth in Aphi.) More info at EvE Travel.

Tanoo. The Krusual Mobile Library is an active research library and has been described as a temple to knowledge itself. Unlike the Royal Library in the city of Caille, the Mobile Library is a functional structure filled with researchers going about their work. For those who prefer old-fashioned texts to the GalNet, this repository of literature and hard sciences writings is not to be missed. More info at EvE Travel.

Ezzara. Nestled in the plasma clouds of Ezzara, the Myridian Strip is the perfect place for quiet thinking and reflection. The Strip is about 200 km long; beware of hostile NPCs present on either end. The area, originally intended as a vacation resort, now sits abandoned. End your journey here by cloaking up in a perch and contemplating the meaning of things past and present. More info at EvE Travel.

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