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TIP: Explore all the links provided to get the most out of your expedition. Set each system in the TripTik as a waypoint, then choose Autopilot options to establish a route for your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Sites are located in low and null security space. Caution is advised.

Shattered Worlds

The Seyllin Incident left behind seven shattered worlds in New Eden. Explore these haunting reminders of the day the wormholes opened.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. On March 10, YC 111, Seyllin I was struck by a pulse of radiation originating from its sun. A few hours later, a large mass of plasma was ejected from the star and collided with the planet. 500 million lives were lost and the planet was destroyed. On that same day, between six and nine other anomalies were recorded. These anomalies gave birth to wormholes but destroyed several planets, leaving only their shattered remains behind. This TripTik guides you to locations that were directly affected by what has come to be known as The Seyllin Incident.

35-RK9 in the Syndicate region is where an Intaki station was impacted by an electromagnetic pulse. More info here.

3HQC-6 in the Outer Ring region is where an ORE outpost was destroyed by the local anomaly. More info here.

EAWE-2 in the Stain region is in close proximity to Sansha’s Nation home system of 37S-KO. More info here.

Seyllin. Seyllin I, in the Essence region, was the most populated of the worlds destroyed. More info here.

SL-YBS in the Great Wildlands region is where a Thukker caravan was destroyed by the local anomaly. More info here.

T-IPZB in the Delve region was the launching point of Jamyl Sarum’s resurgence to the throne. More info here.

Z8-81T in the Immensea region is the least-known of the shattered worlds, presumably due to its remote location. More info here.

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Researcher: Theana Gaterau

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