Waypoint Systems

(Alphabetical Order)

Kor-Azor Prime
Sarum Prime

TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

of the five waypoints
detailed here are in
highsec. The other is
in deep nullsec.

The Elder War Tour

A trip round all the battle sites from the Elder War of YC110, as depicted in the novel EVE: The Empyrean Age by Tony Gonzales.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. The Elder War of YC110 was the result of a militant faction within the Minmatar Republic (the Elders) discovering a remnant of the previously-thought-lost Starkmanir tribe enslaved on Jarizza VI within Ammatar space. The Elders then built a fleet in secret that would be used to free them. On a single day in YC110, this fleet invaded four separate systems in an attempt to prevent CONCORD and the Amarr Empire from responding to the Elders’ intended liberation of the enslaved Starkmanir along with all other Matari slaves trapped in the Empire.

The aftermath of these battles can still be seen today…

Jarizza. Ammatar Battle Site (in-system beacon) – where the Elder Fleet first invaded Amarr space. More info at EvE Travel.

Kor-Azor Prime. Kor-Azor Battle Site (denoted by in-system beacon) – site of an aborted planetary invasion. More info at EvE Travel.

Sarum Prime. Mekhios Graveyard (denoted by in-system beacon) – where Empress Jamyl kicked Elder ass! More info at Habalu EvE.

T-IPZB. Blood Raider Ship Graveyards (beacon) where Jamyl is rumoured to have tested the superweapon first. More info at Habalu EvE.

Yulai. Yulai Graveyards (denoted by in-system beacon) – The Elder Fleet vs. CONCORD Wreckage; Rating 10/10. More info at Habalu EvE.

For more context and details, visit the Elder War page on the Backstage Lore Wiki.

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Researcher: Cassandra Habalu

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