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TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in Null security space in Providence, home to alliances which subscribe to Not Red Don’t Shoot (NRDS). Please check your alliance and their standings with the Providence block alliances and plan your route accordingly.

Unity Station Monument of 9UY4-H

Visit the monument commemorating the famous Unity Station of 9-UY4H in Providence.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. This TripTik will take you to the monument site commemorating the famous Unity Station of 9-UY4H in Providence. This is the site of the longest, continuous war between two of the oldest capsuleer-led alliances in New Eden — Amarr loyalists Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and Minmatar militia Ushra’Khan (UK). Founded in YC108, the Unity Station has changed hands several times over its 12-year history.

It was finally retired in YC120 and commemorated with the Station Monument that stands in its place today. In an act of rare truce and a sign of respect for their historic struggle, both CVA and UK shared the sovereignty of 9UY4-H during the final moments of the station.

Beyond being the site of an iconic and prolonged struggle, Unity Station monument is a rare instance of faction warfare spilling out into null-sec and drawing in the various alliances in Providence and its neighboring Catch region into the conflict.

9UY4-H. On entering the system, warp to in system marker “Station Conversion Monument”.

You can learn more about this site from an EvE Online news article, “The Providence War: Part IV – The Return of Unity” as well as the reddit post, “To CVA and UShra’khan past and present.

The Monument honoring the former Unity Station
Ushra’Khan’s banner stands on the monument as a sign of the final owners of the station

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Researcher: Vanessa Pacht-Feng

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