Waypoint Systems

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Promised Land

TIP: Set each system
in the TripTik as a
waypoint, then choose
Autopilot options to
establish a route for
your expedition.

TRAVEL NOTE: Site is located in Low security space. Traveling there could be problematic.

Violent Wormhole

Visit an artificial wormhole created by Sansha’s Nation.

Expedition Highlights

Introduction. Sansha’s Nation is a rogue state that occupies the Stain region of Null-Security space in New Eden. The Nation was founded by a wealthy Caldarian industrialist, Sansha Kuvakei, over a hundred years ago. His vision was to create a utopian society. With this vision, along with his personal charisma, he was able to attract millions to join the Nation. However, his mind became warped as he became more powerful. Through bizarre experimentation, he began creating cybernetically-enhanced human zombie-like slaves. Sansha Kuvakei’s intent was to use these ‘beings’ as soldiers in upcoming wars.

The Violent Wormhole: As Sansha’s began their war incursions across New Eden, they were able to develop technology to create artificial wormholes to allow targeted invasions of systems. Sansha’s Nation attempted an invasion of the Yulai system. However, their forces were rebuked by a large consolidated capsuleer force and had to retreat to Promised Land through the wormhole that still exists today.

Travel to Promised Land: You’ll enter Low-Security at the Antem system. You pass through several systems of note: Access, Exit, Gateway and Central Point. Promised Land is also one jump away from the New Eden System and the EVE Gate.

Promised Land, Planet I. Warp to planet I, a storm planet. The wormhole has an eerie blue color with an unusual dark center. The wormhole cannot be entered. Studies by renowned wormhole scientists have theorized these wormholes were attuned to only allow Sansha’s Nation’s ships to pass-through.

Sadly, it appears this technological marvel has become just an historical artifact of little interest to the scientific community…as a customs office for planetary mining operations now resides nearby.

For more information you can check out some EvE Lore/Fiction here “Sansha’s Nation” as well as Mark726’s EvE Travel blog.

Storm Activity on Planet I
Close up view of the Violent Wormhole. You can spot a wreck from a recent confrontation

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