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TRAVEL NOTE: All sites are located in Null Security space. Please see TripTik023 Ship Recommendations and General Travel Advisory under Expedition Highlights.

Gate Clouds of New Eden – Wicked Creek

Distributed across Null Security space certain stargates possess companion gas clouds. This TripTik provides travel information for the Wicked Creek Region.

Expedition Highlights

Dust Gate Clouds of Wicked Creek and Azure Gases

Constellation 760-9C in Wicked Creek, has 4 connecting systems (M3-KAQ, G063-U, LP1M-Q, and F-3FOY). Like 9HXQ-G in Catch, one entry gate is missing a companion cloud. Again, there’s no apparent reason why such an absence should be. The three remaining entry systems possess a Dust cloud.

Warping to within 100km will easily allow a visitor to study the clouds, avoiding gate focused warp disruptions. Closer examination is possible and, with the diffuse nature of the gas and modern shielding techniques, will pose no danger to a pilot.

NOTE: F-3FOY has no companion cloud (courtesy of Dotlan)

Gate Clouds

Below is a preview of the views for M3-KAQ, G063-U, LP1M-Q, and F-3FOY and their companion Dust clouds. Note that F-3FOY has no companion cloud.

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Our Expedition TripTiks are published as a service to New Eden and are intended to encourage capsuleers to visit and learn more about interesting destinations in the Cluster.

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Researcher: Aldar Roanaok

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