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Security Rating: 0.6
Region: Metropolis
Constellation: Ani
Planet: IV – Ice
Jumps from Zoohen: 15 (all high security space)

The Carnival

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and children of all ages…the Carnival is in Barkirk…or is it? 

Expedition Highlights

Everyone loves a Carnival…the rides, the food, the arcades, the shopping, the performers! So, it was time to make a trip!

Upon arriving at Barkrik and warping into the site, we find the abandoned Gallente Pleasure Hub in orbit around ice planet IV:

Abandoned Gallente Pleasure Hub

My history is not the best. However at one point, the Ani constellation was a thriving area of Amarr Empire space. This station was probably an active trading hub between the Amarrians and the Minmatar until the rebellion. The Gallente are famous for their opulence and excessiveness. One can only imagine the lavish events, the risqué nightclubs and plush shops. Now the station stands in frozen in time, abandoned…only memories of its days of glory remain.

Approaching the Pleasure Hub, some other structures and a ship wreck come into view.

Pleasure Hub from another angle.
The wrecked ship. Only the ghosts of its crew know the full story of its demise.

Continuing the exploration of the site, we get close view of the carnival structures themselves:

Carnival structure.

As with many abandoned structures, the criminal element often moves in — a black market has set up shop. Who knows what kind of illicit and illegal goods can be bought there.

Black market shop.

The mysterious Famon Gurch, a well-known Republic racketeer, has also moved into the site to peddle his contraband. I tried to get an interview with him; he was uncooperative. But he was willing to target-lock my ship and open fire. I guess I didn’t know the password or the secret handshake.

Famon Gurch’s ship.

The Carnival must have been an exciting place to visit during its heyday. All that remains now are the ghosts, the memories, and an empty husk of a Pleasure Hub.

For more information, with many thanks and credit to Mark726, visit the EVE Travel Blog page for The Carnival.

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