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Security Rating: 0.6
Region: Essence
Jumps from Zoohen: 9 (all high security space)

Mysterious Probe

There was intel regarding the presence of a Mysterious Probe in the Charmerout system in the Essence region. Time to investigate!

Expedition Highlights

I decided to use the Astero for this expedition rather than the Pacifier. When I arrived at the Chamerout system, the ship’s system scanners identified the Mysterious Probe as a ‘Celestial Beacon’.

Warping to the probe, the scanners seemed to be a bit perplexed…

Moving into orbit around the probe to take a closer look, I found it to be rather unremarkable. Cylindrical in shape, with four panels of unknown purpose and several blinking lights. It bears no identifications or markings.

While trying to obtain more information on this probe, the ship’s scanners were unable to lock onto the object.

Where did this probe come from, how old is it, who brought it here, what are the nature of the signals being sent, and to whom are they going?

Upon completing my investigation, I determined that this probe is just very… mysterious!

For more information, with many thanks and credit to Mark726, visit the EVE Travel Blog page for The Mysterious Probe.

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