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Security Rating: 0.2
Region: Devoid
Jumps from Zoohen: 17 (the last 7, including Oyeman, are in Low Security space)

This is a combat site and must be scanned down with probes. Make sure your ship is fit appropriately.

The Ancient Tomb

The Ancient Tomb is a reminder of the long history of war between the Amarr and Minmatar.

Expedition Highlights

The Ancient Tomb was dedicated to Barak Makdar by the Amarr Empire. Barak was an Amarr war hero who took part in the first Amarr-Minmatar war. Unsurprisingly, the Minmatar consider him to be a war criminal due to many atrocities committed against them in the early days, including subjugation and slavery by the Amarr Empire.

For many monuments in New Eden, maintenance funds become exhausted and eventually the monuments are abandoned and become ruins. This one is no different. However, the Blood Raiders Pirate Faction have assumed control of this site and established it as an outpost.

The site still looks to be in ruins but don’t be fooled by its appearance! It is active and well-guarded by Blood Raiders.

The site upon warp-in from the Tzvi-Oyeman gate:

Amarr Monument and Chapel:

Chapel, up close:

Support structure:

Site Particulars

This is a Combat Site and must be scanned down using scan probes. There are Blood Raider Pirates present, typically consisting of frigates and cruisers, with an occasional battleship. There are also two ‘loot’ containers on site.

For more information, with many thanks and credit to Mark726, visit the EVE Travel Blog page for The Ancient Tomb.

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