Anoikis Division

Anoikis Division is the opportunity to experience wormhole living in a more relaxed atmosphere than you would find in Thera, where there is a lot of griefing and gate camping especially at its highsec connections.

Activities include all the ones you might expect: Sleeper eradication, Planetary Interaction, gas huffing, mining, data and relic sites. Exploration of connecting wormhole chains also provides good opportunities for earning ISK. Wormhole living also involves a lot of scanning to support other AD members’ navigation into and out of our colonized holes. It also usually requires that you be present in channels devoted to communications with our own members and other corps or alliances who are co-resident in an Anoikis Division hole when you are actually present in the hole.

Anoikis Division operations are typically supported by a corp citadel. Depending on the situation, we may instead reside in a structure owned by someone else. Basing in structures in wormholes brings with it considerable risk of loss, with the additional challenge that our Credo does not permit us to bring fleets of our own ships or invite allies to defend our own or others’ structures if they are attacked. We have lost structures and moved holes in response to aggression; there are no guarantees in the  Anoikis Division. But as explorers, we take it all in stride, always on the lookout for the next big adventure.