State of the Signal #15

Where has the time gone? We try to do these every six months, but it’s been a little bit longer coming this time around. Check out our last State of the Signal #14 if you missed it and are interested to see how we’ve come along. Since we just recently had our leadership transition and I posted our updated organizational chart with those thoughts as well, I won’t repeat myself here. For those reading this on our public blog, you’ll just have to wonder.

I will say just how proud Aldar and I are to be part of the Signal Cartel team and we can’t do this without each and everyone of you. It’s an honor to serve you and to represent Signal Cartel on your behalf. We’re all ambassadors and your success is the success for us all.

The following divisions are a reflection of our motto: “Be the content you wish to see.”

((See if you can figure out all the SciFi movie/show images 😉 ))


Manager: Tamayo

General Information

As of 24 March 2021, I am pleased to report that the division is very active and operationally sound.

The Anoikis Division has a great core group of excellent and enthusiastic pilots. Many of which contribute to the success of the division, whether it be through donations, hauling, organizing events and activities, advice, and intel.


Managers: A Dead Parrot and Sky Diamond

Your Engineering Division (also known as the friendliest IT department on the planet [admittedly a low bar]) continues to function in the background quietly supporting all of our in-house IT needs including Corporate Buyback, our Member Management Application, the 911 service, the Eve Scout Rescue division, Thera Scanning, Allison in all of her forms, and generally trying to keep Xalyar from pinging people too often in Discord.

The division is run by myself, A Dead Parrot, and Sky Diamond.

Most recently, we created the tracking feature in Allison for the Katia Sae Anniversary Event. As a reminder, if you participated in that event and would like to download a record of all the systems you visited and when, you can do that here.

Since the last State of the Signal report we released a new application aimed at helping inexperienced 911 operators as they learn the ropes. The application was the brainchild of Jehan Dante and is an interactive flow-chart application that guides the proper handling of a 911 call to our rescue service.

And… Sky is always tweaking Allison on Discord with new and useful capabilities, and some just for fun. In case you don’t know, you can issue requests to Allison (note I used the word requests, and not commands) by starting your request with the exclamation point. So next time you are on our Discord with no one to talk to, try some of these commands out:

!info Astero
!coffee (or !tea)
or just try !dii

Volunteers? We are still looking to complete an application to support the Signal Cartel Academy’s (SCA) offer and acceptance program for live instruction. This is envisioned as a single location where members can request a live class on an Eve topic they would like to learn about, or advertise a class they are willing to teach and other members can sign up. The program would automate and organize the current system taking place manually in the forums now. The back-end REST API for this is already written and we would welcome any volunteers who feel they might have the time to help produce the front-end for the ever-helpful SCA.

(I would also like to mention that I have not forgotten about you Sir Fiddle Sticks )

Finally, if you ever have questions or suggestions about our projects, or you just think of something funny that Allison should be saying, and would like to see it become a part of her programming, look us up in the #developers channel on Discord. Don’t be shy. Remember, we are the friendliest IT department on the planet!


Manager: Igaze
Asst. Managers: Captain Crinkle and Xalyar

Over the last seven months, since the last SotS, the ESR program has shown its resilience. While there has been some fall off in participation we’ve still maintained strong numbers (rescues and caches) due the dedication of the team and the strength of the processes they’ve developed. 

The ESR Coordinator Team is relatively the same with one change as Triffton Ambraelle has won EVE so we brought the incredibly capable Tekufah in to fill the spot. The current team consists of  Xalyar, Sydney Selket, Dagmar Maulerant, miruxa, Catbriar Chelien, Angel Lafisques, Captain Crinkle, Ace Rimmer Midumulf, and Tekufah. 

The 911 program is now at 26 operators, down from 36 seven months ago but is still handling a substantial number of calls. In the period from July 1st, 2020 until March 26th, 2021 there were 1007 successful rescues, 780 from rescue caches, and 227 from SAR. One of our big successes this past year has been the addition of filaments to our caches as fully 60% of our cache rescues now use filaments. 

Our cache coverage has varied a bit over the last number of months ranging from a low of 86.7% coverage to a high of 96.8%. We’re currently at 92.9% coverage and trending up. 

Our stats since we started recording them four years ago are:

RESCUES:  2418 (ESRC:  1598, SAR:  820) (As of March 26th, 2021)

Medals of Note since the last State of the Signal

  • Master Dispatchers (over 100 pilots aided) – Xavec, Tekufah, Captain Crinkle, Vanessa Pacht Feng, Reynauld Lachapelle, Timea Aldeland, Sydney Selket
  • Heroic Cachers ( 3000 sows/tends) – Tekufah, Nac Audene, Palis Airuta
  • Insane Cacher (5000 sows/tends) – Aldar Roanaok, Troubled Watters
  • Crinkle Crown (10000 sows/tends) – Renek Dallocort and Tamayo
  • SAR Gold ( 50 rescues) – Tekufah, Catbriar Chelien
  • Beacon of Anoikis ( 100 rescues) – Xalyar, Captain Crinkle

And as always a huge thanks to A Dead Parrot and Allison. They are the linchpin to this division. Allison’s continued growth is incredibly important to the success of ESR!


Managers: Katherine Skysong and Xavec

Since the last State of the Signal, there has been a change of management in the Fleet Operations Division (FOD). The FOD is now co-led by Katherine Skysong and Xavec. The focus of the FOD is to support Signaleers who wish to undertake [credo compliant] fleet flying, organizing their own fleets within Signal Cartel.  We both want to emphasize that FOD is here to both offer fleets as well as sponsoring fleets.  We did not corner the market on FCs and fleet ideas!

Such help can come in the form of:

  • Hulls and fits for doctrine fleets
  • SRP for doctrine fleets
  • Advice & Troubleshooting
  • Event promotion
  • Fleet ideas
  • Expertise eg FCs
  • Skill plans and skillbooks as usual
  • Education alongside the SCA
  • Asking ALLISON nicely to find the right wormhole for your fleet type

Current SC Doctrines include: 

  • A-BC: Armor Battle Cruiser – for running combat sites in wormholes.
  • S-BC: Shield Battle Cruiser – not taken out for a spin in over 18 months.
  • Hugs: Funs ways to die lobbing fireworks at folk in all kinds of situations.
  • Abyssal: We have a few abyssal doctrine fits and can facilitate entry level mini fleets.

Current Financials:

  • Roughly 10B ISK in operating capital.
  • Roughly 10 each of the various A-BC and S-BC ships, mainly Alpha fit, some Omega (T2) fit.
  • SRP for doctrine fleets sponsored by FOD.

You have a fleet idea, it falls within a supported doctrine, ask and we can sponsor so you can have more pilots.

For fighting/logi ships that we can loan – Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, Logi: Harbinger, Hurricane, Brutix, Augoror, Caracal, Corax, Drake, Ferox, Moa, Osprey, a handful of others.

We have a few ideas for fleets coming up which include challenges and competitions as well as good old fashioned kabooming wormhole rats.

When Xavec finally starts his new job properly there will be some SCA sessions on Wormholes in general, fleet flying, how to fly logistics (“logi”) FC’ing, and much more.

We are also keen to help and advise any capsuleers who wish to undertake other forms of PvE fleet flying with other groups such as Vulfpeck. 

Please feel free to ping @Fod-Admin or Xavec/Katherine personally with your questions or suggestions. We will answer when able and are only too happy to help. We look forward to seeing you in the #fod-general discord channel.


Division Manager: Xalyar
Admin Team: Dagmar Maulerant and Sloopy Noopers

I would like to welcome you  all to the Signal Cartel Academy section of this year’s State Of the Signal. This is the second I have had to write since the SCA became a thing following the announcement of its creation on the 23rd of November Y121 (2019), and while a lot of things have changed since then, a lot have luckily stayed the same.

The will to share knowledge within the Corporation, and to help each other learn the game, has been one of those immutated things we still carry with us within the ranks of Signal Cartel and of the SCA. It is good to see that this driving force has not faltered.

Compared to last year, I will not come to you with hard numbers.

Our weekly class average is just hovering around 1 per week, and while we saw a resurgence of offerings during the first six months of the year, mostly due to a lot of availability due to various forms of lockdown we were all subject to, we have now stabilized around what could be called the “SCA holding pattern”.

Sessions covering the basics of the game pop up on the semi-regular, in response to a new influx of people joining, or a particular request. So do SCA session covering all things EvE-Scout Rescue Cache Program and Search and Rescue.

Just recently we came back to the Singularity Test server for some more advanced HAT (Hunter Avoidance Training), and for some deep dives into the amazing world of the “EvE Overview”. 

In general, the SCA is functioning on cruise control and quite able to respond to request made on the Forums, directly picked up from DISCORD, or picked up from a direct interaction with someone asking for help.

Like I have highlighted last year, there seems to be a stable need for certain topics to be covered with a somewhat regular schedule, but in general, we have managed to avoid creating a rigid curriculum/class plan and we are still widely enjoying free-flowing and offering knowledge on a per-need basis.

Once again, I will send out my usual call. Both for you all to offer your help, while also not being shy in asking for help when needed.

While the game is still as unforgiving as it always has been (perhaps, even more so), our wealth of knowledge does nothing but grow, and it would surely be a waste to let that go untapped.

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mister Fred Rogers (well, his mother, really 😉 )


Manager: Null Flare

Splunkworks… Where to begin? It’s been what? Over a year from when I was handed (thrown) division head and have to say, I’m enjoying it a lot! Was always interested in Fitting, but never in my early days figured I’d be in one of the servers top corps, fitting for a whole corp. 

I don’t have any fancy numbers and stats like my fellow colleagues (that’s not how I work to be honest) but I will say, on average I help out at least once a day (sometimes a lot more) with fits and/or fitting questions on our discord. It’s a massive subject (fitting) and even I get stumped sometimes. But that’s also what makes it fun for me.

On a side note, as everyone knows, always here to help, whether it’s a forum post asking about a Stratios fitting, a discord chat about fitting festival launchers on a stealth bomber (DO IT!) or a fitting 101 class, we are here to help! “`


Manager: Aldar Roanaok

A lot has happened since the last State of the Signal: Wanderlust led Quinn Valerii to step down as head of recruitment and dive into EVE with the Anoikis Division. I stepped up to try to fill the role with the great support of Tamayo, Sky Diamond, and Quinn Valerii in their advisory capacity.

Recruitment had a particularly busy year with the pandemic leading many old and new pilots to New Eden. The huge wave of applications kept the team busy checking applicants’ understanding of our playstyle, expectations, and Credo. Our recruiters tend to be online daily, and the shop is running well though we may be considering trying to broaden our time zone coverage.

So again, many thanks to the recruiting team! And thanks to all of those friendly Signal Cartel pilots in our public channels that direct people to our Joining FAQ and online application when the recruiting team is unavailable. 


Manager: Asa Kansene

Station Quartermasters

Thera XII – The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocyberneticsmiruxa
Zoohen III – Theology Council TribunalAsa Kansene; Billie Idol (QM Helper
Saisio VIII – Moon 4 – Perkone FactoryAsa Kansene
Gelhan V – Moon 10 – DED Logistic SupportSuperTomy

Following earlier trends, the Quartermasters provide free supplies mostly in the form of corporation contracts related mainly to our main activity, which is exploring. Starter exploration frigates, fireworks (or “hugs”), ESRC caches are the items that have usually greater demand. There are also regularly available shuttles, anchoring skill books and station containers.

In case any activity is planned that requires que access to other ships or materials, Quartermasters try to provide those supplies too.

With the change of leadership, Asa Kansene became the central services manager.

Big thanks for the work of Billie Idol that keeps the most important headquarters, Zoohen, working no matter what. Also, miruxa, who has the ability to keep Thera supplied, with the obvious difficulties that it presents.

Signal Cartel Group Blog

Katia Sae

Our 2020 post have been indexed which you can check out here. We had 26 post in the following categories: Announcements (3), 1420 Life (4), Art (4), EvE-Scout Rescue (5), In Character Roleplay (5), Science & Exploration (1), Signaleers (3), and State of the Signal (1)

We’re evaluating what to do with the blog going forward. Content has been difficult to drum up over the last six months or so. Blogs in general had their peak many years ago and have been on the decline for a while now. We may just continue to use it for public Corp oriented announcements.



Stay tuned for upcoming changes to our TripTik service as Mynxee takes over the position of our Historian!



Continue to go from strength to strength.

Since the last State of the signal figures at the end of June last year SCRUBS has paid out a whopping *REDACTED* to Signaleers for their blueprints I had to check those numbers twice. SCRUBS continues to break-even when taking into account costs of manufacture, haulage, sales, and donations of hulls for FOD. 

We have completed 25 SCRAMS contracts – relocating new members from their old homes to their new ones in SC offices. The average number of jumps per contract is 12 jumps and the average value of each shipment is around *REDACTED*.  

We have opened a new channel on the Signal Cartel Discord – #SC-Support-Services to help with all queries relating to central services including Quartermasters, SCRUBS, and SCRAMS. 


Manager: Johnny Splunk
Thera Liaison: Captain Crinkle

Since the formation of Eve-Scout more than five years ago, our Thera scanning service has provided up-to-date details of connections across the cluster. This is done in accordance with our Credo; that is open to all pilots equally regardless of playstyle or affiliation. The service is headed by Johnny Splunk, our head of alliance, and I serve as a liaison for Signal Cartel.

Since the last State of the Signal, we have made a significant change in how our scouts will be paid for their contributions for Thera scanning. As discussed at our most recent fireside chat, contributors will now be paid weekly on Mondays, with these payments made on the basis of activity taken between the previous Monday and Sunday. The formula for these payments has not changed, only their frequency, to ensure our pilots are rewarded for the efforts as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions drop me a line. I’m easily contacted through Discord or Eve mail. Our forums have a dedicated section for Thera scanning which should answer most common questions.

Lixiana’s Journey

Editor’s Note: Signaleer Lixiana Vor’shan shares with us this week their experience during the recent Journey of Katia Sae Anniversary Event. I really enjoyed this write-up and I hope you do as well.

Two years ago, Katia Sae completed her epic journey to visit every possible solar system. To mark the anniversary of this legendary achievement, Katia challenged the capsuleers of Signal Cartel to travel the length and breadth of New Eden, recording their travels as they went.

Lixiana Vor’shan

The Journey will be forever Katia’s, but this journey is mine.

My name is Lixiana Vor’shan – and I am a Signaleer.

It began with Solitaire, my beautiful companion for this adventure. I’d watched over her construction, and had only recently seen her finished out in Firewatch red and black. Pacifier-class, swift and agile, she was the perfect choice to carry me across the heavens. With Allison installed and spare towel stowed, I was ready to depart…

Following Katia’s own star charts, I crossed our Caldari homelands with carefree ease. My moment of truth came when I realized that to get into Otsasai I would have to run the gauntlet of capsuleers camping the exit side of the star gate. I’d always avoided these situations before, but this time there was no going around. I opened comms to my fellow Signaleers for advice, and encouragement flowed across the ether to me. Emboldened by the wisdom of my peers, I gave Allison the nod and activated the gate-jump sequence. In a blur I was there, the menacing shapes of hostile ships lighting up my display in a sea of red icons. Remembering my training, I slowed my racing heartbeat and took stock of the situation. There! An avenue of escape – in a single fluid motion I fired up the warp drives and engaged the cloaking device. Solitaire leapt away like lightning, leaving any possible pursuers far behind.

Solitaire at the Katia Sae Monument

Speed and stealth served me well in that escape, but did not come to my rescue in Sotrenzur. I arrived at the ninth planet, and set up my bookmark and image capture of the planet. In doing so, I noticed some Triglavian cruisers and a couple of the big Leshak-class battleships about one hundred klicks away. Interesting to see them here, I thought to myself, but no risk to me sitting cloaked this far away. Hang on, incoming target lock?! That’s impossible! I’m cloaked… wait… no I’m not!!! Beams of ruby light sizzle across my vision, my brave Solitaire coming apart and with it my quest lies in ruins. Death and destruction are a heartbeat away… wait… I’m not dead yet? That’s impossible! A quick glance at my instruments reveals my shield is still at full capacity – the Trigs are somehow missing with every shot. Resignation turns to blind panic, I’m punching every system I have: cloak (no good, still locked up); MWD (no good, they’re still blazing away at me); Allison (she reminds me that I’m a Rocket Man, but that doesn’t help either). Or does it? In a glorious moment of golden revelation I realize my warp drive is still online! “GO!!!” I screamed, a split second later Solitaire answered with a howl of her own as the drive kicked in and we roared our way to safety.

Fallen Capsuller Memorial – Credit: Sensa Skyward

Many, many jumps were to follow, step by step, system by system. Not to say that I didn’t take the occasional detour, such as making a trip to the Fallen Capsuleer Memorial in Molea to help a friend of a fellow Signaleer. I’d never seen it before, but the scale of it was breathtaking, not just the memorial itself, but the sheer number of tributes anchored there too. I read some of the messages as we drifted past, from groups and individuals, some long and some short, some funny and some utterly heartbreaking. All of them poignant reminders of those we have lost, but not forgotten.

A different diversion came late in my journey, when word filtered across the GalNet that a route had been mapped to the wormhole containing the planet Eyjafjallajökull (an important but elusive waypoint on Katia’s challenge). What’s more, the K-Space entry point was only 11 jumps away! I asked Allison to purge our current route and recalculate for our new target. My nerves mounted the closer we got, passing through systems showing signs of recent rapacious activity. After so long in Empire space, the silence of Anoikis was ominous as I imagined cloaked hunters closing in on all sides, ready to kill. As I orbited the burning cinder of the volcanic planet, I was sure the predators could have tracked me by the sound of my heartbeat alone! Thank Bob, today was not my day to die, and before long I was back carving my way towards Hahyil, the one thousand, eight hundred and eightieth star to light my path.

Eyjafjallajökull – Credit: Aldar Roanaok

My list was complete and my logs full. But the journey was not quite complete. Saisio, start point and home system of Katia Sae herself, was calling. After a month of wandering, weary and weather beaten but unbowed and unbroken, Solitaire returned to the light of Katia’s star. My last command on that voyage was perhaps the most simple, yet certainly the most heartfelt: “Home”.

Hugs for a Fellow Capsuleer

Mona Liena

Editor’s Note: Signaleer Mona Liena shares their story this week on a recent visit to the Molea Cemetery. It’s an experience that humbles even the most hardened Capsuleers. I really appreciate the story and hope you will as well. For those that have gone before us… o7

Signal Cartel is not an alt warehouse, so in order to graduate to a full member, one is expected to write an application which shows how you’re engaged in exploration and the corporation. As I started summing up how I took part in corp life in my second month, one event stood above the rest: My first visit to Molea.

Credit: Gillian Venari

One afternoon as I was exploring Triglavian space in order to farm neutral standings, a fellow Signal Cartel member called for a hugs fleet in chat. The goal was to fly a ship fitted with a festival launcher in order to try and cheer up a fellow pilot. Often I have a hard time changing my plans, but ever since joining Signal Cartel I’ve been trying to live more in the moment. Unfortunately, having just used a filament to get into Trig space, I had a fifteen minute timer before I could use an exit filament. Then I’d still need to find my way from a random system to a ship with a festival launcher and actually get to the target system.

Credit: Sensa Skyward

Even if the event sounded like a great experience, I wouldn’t make it in time. Or could I if I really tried? I realized that since I had a clean clone I could take the pod express to Zoohen, grab a free T1 exploration frigate from our Corp contracts, some festive gear provided by our Quartermasters, and use the Gatecamp Check to plan the route to have a fighting chance to make it there in one piece and on time.

Credit: Sensa Skyward

I managed to reach Molea in time and I waited for our hugs target in space along with a fellow Signaleer. I had never been in the system, so I had no idea what to expect. I only knew that I was there to try and cheer up a person who had lost someone dear to them in real life. When our target arrived in system, we fleet warped to greet them – The Capsuleer Cemetery. My first reaction: It’s HUGE. Then I realized it’s made out of mostly hundreds of different containers. As we bombarded our target with hugs (fireworks), I read through some of the messages on the containers. There were plenty of funny or random messages, but there were also a ton of messages dedicated to real life people who were dear to the capsuleers who had anchored the containers.

Credit: Sensa Skyward

Reading all those messages made me feel connected to people I had never met in real life, and I grasped why our fellow member wanted to bring our target here. Being there, trying to cheer our target up in that location, felt like one of those once in the lifetime experiences, and I was glad to take part in it.

Around a week later, I noticed a new corp mail. We get them quite often, as it’s the policy of the Corporation to commend our active members for their efforts including e.g. Thera scanning and wormhole rescue team. This time around, I noticed the mail was about the event I had attended myself. The Signaleer member who called for the hugs fleet had let our leadership know what had happened. All the pilots who answered the call for the hugs fleet and managed to make it to Molea received a medal that said “For actions exemplifying our ideals of friendship.”

I love Signal Cartel.

Credit: Sensa Skyward

Journey of Katia Sae Anniversary Event

Henrique Arnolles

March 9th marked the two year anniversary for completing my journey to explore all of New Eden, both known and wormhole space, all done without a single ship loss. Signal Cartel, my New Eden family, played a big part in that towards the end of my trek. To celebrate the occasion this year, I decided to run an event for my fellow Signaleers having no idea if anyone would really be interested in participating or not. The event would be based around recreating portions (or all) of my journey for the known space systems as well as finding the only named planet in wormhole space, Eyjafjallajökull. Points would be earned for each system visited based on difficulty with bonus points awarded for doing systems within regions in the same sequence I had done, taking screenshots, completing a region, and not losing a ship along the way.

Prizes ranged from fitted ships based on what I had flown during my journey, ship skins both common and rare, iskies with bonuses to be the first for reaching a tier, and a chance for some Signal Cartel swag in the form of a few challenge coins that I had left over from the Great Hunt two years ago. The prize offerings came out to over 10 billion isk and that doesn’t even include the skins of which some I have no price for.

Aeterna Noctis

To say I wasn’t prepared for the response is an understatement! You’ll see from the statistics I’m about to show just how well it went over. For a Corp that runs around 400 active members (we do keep our roster clean), I think the results are astounding. Signaleers were asked to enable event tracking via Allison our Signal Cartel co-pilot which is where most of these stats come from. The event ran from February 1st to March 9th and I had five tiers for different prize packages that were handed out.

Aldar Roanaok

We had 102 Signaleers that had Allison enabled for event tracking, of those there were 24 that submitted entries for the event for prizes. Together they had visited over 26,000 unique pilot/system entries, covering 97 regions, 7,141 systems, flying 305 unique ships of 64 different types, and capturing over 11,000 images!!! They covered 100% of known space and even though wormhole space wasn’t entirely part of the event other than trying to find Eyjafjallajökull for big bonus points, they covered 78% of wormhole space. Did they find the only named planet in wormhole space? Yes, multiple times and I think just about everyone that wanted to find it for the bonus points were able to get it.

Hanto Karobi

Now for some event highlights. On day one, February 1st, tiers 1 and 2 were reached by one Signaleer. Remember there was a bonus for being the first to reach a tier. On February 2nd a different Signaleer was the first to reach tier 3 and went on to reach tier 4 on February 3rd, and went on to be the first to reach tier 5 on February 6th. I’ll brag on this particular Signaleer in a bit, but let’s see how the tiers broke out. So, within the first week of the event, all tiers had been reached. I wasn’t sure what to expect, like I had mentioned, I didn’t know if there’d be any interest. Now I was thinking I didn’t make it hard enough, lol. In the end, we had eight Signaleers earn tier 2, four that reached tier 3, eight that reached tier 4, and lastly four that made the final tier 5. (Not the final frontier 😉 )

Kyew Mohc

So I’m going to brag for a moment on one particular Signaleer. Total possible points that could be earned were 20,243. That’s if you maxed out the bonus points, which I felt was asking too much and not many, if any, would go for it. The highest tier, 5, I had set at 5,000 points which seemed difficult, but achievable by the most dedicated and as it turns out with four reaching that tier, it turned out about right. I think I had tiers 1 and 2 too close to each other, as everyone nailed both quickly and easily. Three of the four that reached the highest tier were between 5 and 6 thousand points.

Qifara Raholan

“Speedy”, as I have nicknamed him now, hit over 17,000 points! He visited every system in known space, a fair number of the systems within the regions in the same sequence I had done them, taking a screenshot in a fair number of systems as well, and didn’t lose a single ship!!! He also found and secured the bonus points for Eyjafjallajökull in wormhole space. All of this in 15 days, which has to be a known space, no ship loss, record. Never did I think someone would rise to the challenge to this extent and I’m just blown away and honored to see this Signaleer rise to the occasion. Amazing work, well done!!!

Sparkler Cadelanne

Unrelated to the event, but certainly in the same spirit, we had an end of event celebration and hugs fleet. As part of that, we visited system Motsu on our way to Saisio. Motus is the last system one of our Signaleers needed for his alt character Rhysio Typho to complete their journey of navigating ALL of New Eden, known and wormhole space, all on their own!!! Unfortunately ship losses were suffered along the way, but still an amazing journey, especially with no corp support. A request was submitted to CCP to validate their effort and we’re waiting to hear back, so hopefully that can be validated and confirmed. It all started in the system Cistuvaert  in March of 2015 and finished today, March 14th, 2021! Just amazing to see others take on this journey of exploration. Congratulations to Rhysio and so glad we could share in the celebration of visiting your last system.

Rhysio Typho

Of course, this event would not have been possible without the generous support and contributions made by the following:

  • Signal Cartel, Zelden Aurilen, and indirectly CCP – EVE-Scout and Signal Cartel won the EVE Awards 2020 Best Alliance and we were rewarded with a generous supply of the EVE Partner skins which were the “mystery” skins from the drawings for each tier.
  • Signaleer Igaze for skins, and various ship hulls.
  • Signaleer Sloopy Noopers for the Stratios, Stratios Skin, and various ship hulls.
  • Signaleer Tamayo for “FIRST” isk donations, skins, and selected rare skins.
  • Our Celebration Fleet FC and Scouts:
    • Bernard Lachapelle
    • Captain Crinkle
    • Katherine Skysong
    • Null Flare

Lastly, I wanted to share this highlight, Signaleer Dr Strike produced a video of their journey in the event. This is really awesome to see and mesmerizing to watch. Check it out.



“Thank you for this great opportunity to participate in the event!”

“Thank you again for coming up with such a wonderful idea as this contest. I am running around in the brand new Buzzard that you gave me, it fly’s so well!”

“I loved this event because it gave me back the feeling of excitement I had missed for a long while. Felt so weird when I realized that I played this game for so long and never took the time to appreciate the beauty of it.”

“Thank you again for creating this, it was fun and exciting!”

Troubled Watters

“Was great fun and illuminating. The distractions, rigor to hit every planet/system and then general hostilities bubbling everywhere puts your run into a new light.”

“Thank you so much for running this event, it’s been a very special experience taking part.”

Lixiana Vor’shan

Signal Cartel Blog Annual Review 2020

It’s been a good year and I’m looking forward to seeing what content we can do in 2021. Unfortunately, we didn’t break our 2019 peak of 37 post, but we faired well with 26 post. I’m proud and happy with that and would love to see us continue to maintain a steady posting cycle and hopefully break our peak. Thanks everyone for reading! Please take time and comment on those post you like and we’d welcome any suggestions for content you’d like to see. What was your favorite post from 2020?

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Editor’s Note: This week we’re featuring a blog post by our very own Vladimir Korff, an in character story about learning the ropes of becoming a Thera Scout. You can visit his blog at Encapsulated Space.


Vladimir Korff

3 January YC 123

“Okay, we are finally in Thera,” said Aura. “What’s next?”

I knit my brow, “I am trying to remember Maxwell Kurvora’s lecture where he explained how to record Thera signatures.”

Aura giggled, “Is it the one where he also called your blog boring?”

She referred to an episode where Maxwell was demonstrating various software tools in his browser and said something like “Here you can see my boring bookmarks.” One of the bookmarks was named “Vlad’s Blog”.

“Oh, come on,” protested I, “he didn’t mean it. If anything, it was a kind of a self-deprecating joke.”

“I dunno, it sounded very much like a blog-deprecating criticism.”

I noticed a glint in Aura’s eye and cried, “Hey, stop teasing me! We have a job to do.”

“So what are you waiting for, Captain?” asked Aura, innocence incarnate.

I shook my fist at Aura, she stuck her tongue out at me. Having completed the exchange of pleasantries, I racked my brain.

“It’s a bit confusing. I remember that the main goal was to add a wormhole to the Tripwire and bookmark both ends in the shared corp folder, but most work had to be done in Mzsbi Haev’s Thera Scan tool. The problem is, I don’t remember how to use it.”

“Shall we watch Maxwell’s lecture again?” suggested Aura, with a suspicious sparkle in her eyes.

“No, it will take another hour. Let’s just open the tool and figure out how to work with it.”

And so we did. In fact, as soon as I saw the screen, it all came back to me, and the built-in step-by-step instruction plugged the gaps in my memory. The tool was super convenient – it was developed by a capsuleer, for capsuleers. I guess, Mzsbi spent many a boring hour typing signature IDs into Tripwire and the bookmark folder before he finally decided to introduce some automation. And now it all worked like a charm. Thera Scan tool was compatible with my neurointerface which it used to extract data from the probe scanner and Tripwire. After comparing the data from those two sources the tool produced a programme of work which consisted of collapsed wormhole removal and new signature scanning. After that, all I had to do was scan and bookmark the wormhole and manually enter three pieces of information: a type of the wormhole, a signature of its other end and the destination system. Everything else was just copy-pasting. It was a great tool!

Still, it took me a while to get a hang of it. While I was working on my first signature, I saw Azamex announce scanning the same one. That was not surprising as I published my own announcement 12 minutes earlier, before she joined the comms channel. I told Azamex that I was already working on that signature, she just shrugged and switched to scanning another one. While I was learning the ropes with my first wormhole, Azamex managed to scan and add three other signatures to the map! Moreover, when I was about to create a Tripwire record for my wormhole I found that she already added it but it didn’t have all the details. I filled in the missing data, invoked Submit command and held my breath… After a few seconds I reloaded the list, and voila – my first ever Thera wormhole appeared on our alliance server!

I was proud and excited and wanted to tell the whole world about it when I heard Aura’s angry voice.

“Hey! What’s that? Why does it show Azamex as the scanner?”

I looked at the screen and, indeed, the server indicated that the wormhole was scanned by Azamex.

“Hmm… I guess it’s because she created the record in Tripwire,” I said tentatively. “That’s where our server gets information from.”

“This must be fixed immediately! Contact the server administrators and ask them to correct the name.”

I laughed, “The server admin is no other than our Alliance Leader Johnny Splunk. I guess, he has more important work to do than manually correcting values in the database.”

“Then… then just delete and recreate that Tripwire record under your name!”

“Why would I spend my time on it?”

“Because it’s unfair! It was you who scanned that wormhole but now all the credit for it went to Azamex!” fumed Aura.

“Doesn’t matter,” shrugged I. “I know that it was I who did it.”

“But Tekufah doesn’t!” she blurted out.

I was wondering why Aura suddenly got so excited but finally the penny dropped. Tekufah was running an award program and gave a CovOps frigate to any Signaleer who scanned five Thera wormholes.

I looked Aura in the eye and asked, “Aura, honestly? All this outrage only because of a frigate?”

She blushed but stood her ground, “And why not? T2 frigates aren’t lying around.”

“Even if I don’t get credit for this one wormhole, I would have already scanned another one if I didn’t have to waste time on this pointless discussion.”

“No, you wouldn’t. It took you 18 minutes 22 seconds to finish this one and we’ve been talking for just 1 minute 18 seconds.”

“That’s because it was my first wormhole,” I pointed out. “I am sure I can scan another one much quicker.”

“Not as quick as recreating the Tripwire record,” grumbled Aura.

I ignored her remark and focused on the next signature. Indeed, my time improved to 12 minutes 25 seconds but it was still far from Azamex’s blazing performance – she was ticking off a new signature every 2-3 minutes. So by the time I finished my second wormhole, Azamex completed the rest of the unmapped signatures.

“Now what?” asked Aura testily.

“Now we just wait for new signatures to pop up on the radar.”

Aura ostentatiously switched herself off and I spent the next half an hour in peace, reading the corp forums. While I was thusly occupied, two more signatures appeared on the probe scanner and I eagerly set to mapping. This time round it took me only 8 minutes per wormhole. I didn’t have time to wait for new signatures so I called it a day and warped to a hi-sec connection bookmarked by a fellow Thera scanner.

“You see, with 8 minutes per signature, it will take us just 40 minutes to earn a new frigate,” said I trying to placate Aura who was still sulking.

“Sixty two minutes forty seven seconds,” were her last words before the wormhole sucked us in.

Signaleer Xavec

Editor’s Note: We got another another entry added in our Signaleer Series! It’s been a while since our last one, so I hope you enjoy. Xavec truly embraces our motto of “Be the content you wish to see”. In that spirit he has started and continues to operator two great in corp services. SCRAMS, Signal Cartel Relocation and Moving Service, is offered to new Signal Cartel members to help with relocation of their assets to one of our corp offices and SCRUBS is a BPC buyback Service for members. Huge shoutout to Xavec for stepping up! – Katia Sae

What attracted you to EVE Online and how long have you played?


The short answer to this is that my housemate, while I was studying at university, told me about this amazing game with a 2 week free trial. That was all the way back in 2009 before alpha was a thing! I remember being blown away by the concept and execution of the game, including the absolute total vastness of New Eden.

I remember doing some easy missions and a bit of High-Sec mining and being shockingly disappointed at how little isk I was making. I didn’t understand the game at all and didn’t understand skills properly. As an impoverished student I didn’t feel ready to commit to paying for the game. I trained some random mining skills and when my free trial was almost up I started to train leadership to V – I thought that the mining benefits would help me make more isk. Like I said, I didn’t understand skill. In those days all accounts could only have skills in the skill queue that started training in the next 24 hours.

Then one day 9 years later a colleague made a passing comment about Eve Online. I had completely forgotten about the game. He told me about Alpha accounts being free to play. Soon after that on a day off I downloaded the game again. I still had the same email address and managed to recover my account and found the same character sitting there with a number of skills trained. I’ve had one break since then of around a year when I got Zelda The Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch – this was the first time since then that I had the same mind-blowing experience. I soon came back to Eve though!

What is your background as a pilot? Did you jump right into exploration, start in the military, hired by a corporation, or something else? How would you describe your characters career path?


Quite simple, really. I started out a bit lost and without purpose. I did a bit of mining and a few missions but found that the returns were pitiful and I really wasn’t enjoying it. I remember Googling income streams and reading that exploration was the easiest way to earn isk for a new player. I did a whole bunch of reading about wormholes and fitted up an Imicus. I scanned down a wormhole in my high-sec home and warped to it.

I remember feeling my heart rate go up as I splashed into a wormhole for the first time. I’d read that wormhole space was dangerous and was sure that I’d basically get shot within seconds. I didn’t; but neither did I find any faction relic or data sites on that first occasion. I loved exploration and this new potential for earning enough isk to fly cool ships as well as the adrenaline of entering lawless space from my safe High-Sec home meant that I’ve been an explorer ever since. 

What attracted you to explore New Eden? What is your goal and have you achieved it?

I’m more driven to explore Anoikis than New Eden! But I also like to explore New Eden too. There are so many unique things to see! The planet Eyjafjallajökull in wormhole space, Choonka’s Shipwash, EVE gate, the statue of Katia Sae. The new Jita trade hub station is quite a sight too!

I can make isk as I go. My goal is simply to have fun and I’ve met this goal frequently! My time at the moment is divided between exploring wormhole space as a wormhole dweller and fleet flying with Signal Cartel and other PVE fleet groups.

Choonka’s diner “The Pit” (Image credit: Tamayo)

What attracted you to Signal Cartel? Any corp related experiences you’d like to share and/or any Credo related stories that would be of interest?

My first contact with Signal Cartel was seeing the Eve-Scout Rescue Caches in wormholes that I was exploring. I thought it was neat but hoped I’d never need it. Then one day I forgot to bookmark my exit and lost my probes. The pilot who helped me spent time explaining that you don’t lose all your skills if you die and that self-destructing was a much quicker option! I learnt from this mistake but also ended up in the Eve-Scout Public channel where there was information on joining the corp. I read up about the Eve-Scout Credo and then read the very thorough directory of important information that is sent to all new members. It’s a goldmine of useful information. I learnt very quickly about all the rookie mistakes I had been making. Plus everyone was so friendly! I have been a member ever since. If I hadn’t joined Signal cartel I probably would have left the game long ago. For me the Credo embodies my real-life values of helping others and not harming others. In real life I am a healthcare worker so this resonates with me.

I have so many Credo related stories! Hugs fleets are one of my favourite corp activities. We fit up frigates and destroyers with festival launchers, reps and tank, and go seeking out people to “Hug” with snowballs or fireworks. It makes pretty lights in space and often people don’t know what the heck is happening to them until they kill us and read the Killmail and see how we were fitted. Sometimes we paste some relevant memes into local chat for the fun of it.

On another occasion we invaded Brave space with a competition to see which squadron could make it there the quickest. The squadron I was leading won, getting from our home in Zoohen to the Brave home system in Nullsec in under 3 minutes. The second place made it in around half an hour. We then charged their Keepstar and hugged them. At one point I was receiving remote reps from one of them and missiles from another. I felt like they were toying with me before they eventually destroyed me, but at least I got all of my fireworks away!

I have recently taken on joint leadership of our Fleet-Operations Division so this is something I am definitely going to try to promote.

Some of you may have heard of Chappy’s Birthday Bash. A terminally ill capsuleer brought his dreadnought into a Lowsec system and thousands of others came to have a massive friendly brawl. I was in the Signal Cartel fleet and we were very happy just lobbing hugs at people like the weird kid at a birthday party throws Maltesers.

I have been allowed through gate-camps and wormholes, sent isk and o7, in chat on many occasions, purely for being in Signal Cartel. Through my work as a 911 operator, I have seen that so many people are so generous with their time and their isk! Far more people than I thought have been assisted out of wormholes by people who you would otherwise assume hostile. (Helped Out by Locals)

In Signal Cartel we often say that reputation tank is the best tank.

What is the name of your favorite ship that you enjoy flying the most while exploring? Why is it your favorite?

My stand-out favourite ship is the Astero. Someone recently joked that Signal Cartel that we probably keep the Astero market afloat. It’s such a versatile ship and it’s great for exploring. It can cloak, it has bonuses for hacking data and relic sites as well as scanning signatures. All bread and butter for an explorer. It’s also super agile and doesn’t require mad skills to fly and it’s easy to fit to align in under 2 seconds. Oh and it can use drones. The other thing is that nobody ever really knows what sort of heat an Astero is packing so they think twice before engaging it. Mine has got me out of many tight spots!

My fit is geared towards stealth and evasion. I work on the assumption that if I get target locked, I am dead. So my fit is all about quick align time, cloaking, and low signature radius. Anything that gives me that extra server tick to warp away to a safe.

Astero at the EVE Gate by Triffton Ambraelle

In my high slots I fit a Sisters Core Probe Launcher loaded with at least 16 but preferably 24 Sisters Core Scanner Probes and also a Covert Ops Cloaking Device. In the mids I put a Zeugma Integrated Analyzer which is great when paired with a Blackglass Implant. I often fit a Microwarp Drive and also an Afterburner so I can get out of bubbles quickly. My last slot usually has a Scan Rangefinding Array in it. I often swap out one of the prop mods for a Burst Jammer II to use as a last ditch attempt to warp off if I get scrammed. In the lows I fit a Damage Control II, enough Nanofibre Internal Structure modules to make my align time under 2 seconds and if I have anything left over something to augment my drones. The rigs are again usually dedicated to agility. In the drone bay I usually have a flight of T2 Light Drones and a flight of ECM Drones. In the cargo hold I keep a Mobile Depot (seriously, being a 911 operator has taught me NEVER to go into wormhole space without one) and supplies to create and replenish our wormhole rescue caches. In my implants I usually have a set of High-grade Halo implants to get my signature radius nice and low, plus the Blackglass.

All neutral ships are set to a nice bright colour on my overview. If a ship is warping in I usually have a good few seconds notice before they are able to fire on or scram me. I can usually cloak and warp away to a safe before they’ve even been able to start locking me. I need to make sure I’m always more than 2000m from objects so I can insta-cloak.

During your travels, what has been the most interesting fact, amazing sight, or other aspect of New Eden that has surprised you?

It’s vastness! There is a reason so few people have explored every solar system in New Eden and even fewer to explore every one in the game – as far as I know our own Katia Sae is the only one to have done so. It is just mindboggling how many light years across the place is and even travelling at multiple AU per second it takes hours and hours to get across it. I’m sure that there have been things in the game for ages that nobody has yet discovered. And this is all before you even consider player-generated content. I think you could play Eve for a lifetime and still find new things to do.

What advice would you give to someone interested in exploring New Eden?

Always know where your towel is.

But seriously, always think of what your worst case scenario is and what you would do in that scenario. Run mini drills with yourself so you don’t get paralyzed by fear when you are engaged. Join a corp, fly in fleets and have fun! If you just sit in an NPC corp forever not doing anything social then you are missing out on a huge part of the value of Eve.

The Journey of Katia Sae Video

The beauty that is Eve Online today began with the Dominion expansion that was released on December 1st, 2009. Starting with the planets, the expansion was the first in an effort to re-beautify the cluster which over the course of the following years included: the background nebulas, character models, the suns, and the gates as well as the recent update to Jita 4-4. Dominion was also the expansion that inspired me to begin my ten year long journey to explore all of New Eden to take in the re-beautifying effort.

Since the completion of my journey in March of 2019, I’ve been wanting to showcase some of my favorite images of the 50,000+ that I took over the course of my adventure as well as showing what it looks like to visit 7,805 (+ 1) systems. So, to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Dominion expansion and my journey’s kickoff from Saisio in The Forge, please enjoy this video “The Journey of Katia Sae”, dedicated to CCP Games, especially the Art Team, and Signal Cartel.