EvE-Scout Rescues 5000th stranded Capsuleer

From Katia Sae: It’s an absolute privilege to share this news with the greater New Eden community. EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel offer many service-oriented efforts to our fellow Capsuleers and one of our first was our EvE-Scout Rescue Division (ESR). Through their efforts we rescue stranded pilots in wormhole space either via Search and Rescue operations or our Rescue Caches that are seeded throughout New Eden. We currently have 2400 active caches which covers 92% of wormhole space. Recently, our ESR Division celebrated our 5000th rescued capsuleer! Following is an announcement from our ESR Division Manager Xalyar.


Greetings New Eden Community!

When the EvE-Scout Rescue Division was first established, it was a cocktail napkin, pen & paper kind of adventure for those involved. It wasn’t until the advent of our co-pilot Allison in 2017 that stats started to be tracked continuously and diligently. Since then, we have accumulated many a record while performing our duties to help those stranded in wormhole space. Many pilots have been saved thanks to probes and launchers found in our Rescue Caches, and all of that has built up to quite an impressive record during many years.

It was in late 2021 that rescuers performed the 1000th Live Rescue. In June 2023, the 911 Rescue team received its 10,000th 911 call, and reached a total of 3000 cache rescues.


It is with great pride that I come to you today with another outstanding milestone that was recently achieved. Bear with me while I tell the story surrounding it.

On February the 8th 2024, at 20:42 EVE time, a pilot by the name of PlanetManX (who has graciously allowed us to share their name for this announcement), reached out to our 911 Service in search for help after getting stranded.

Rani Ulfr
Rani Ulfr

Signal Cartel and 911 Operator Rani Ulfr (only on their 14th call answered at that point in time), responded to the call and established contact with the pilot. Without a chance to use the Rescue Cache for a direct rescue, and without a way into the wormhole, a Search and Rescue Request (SAR) was opened for PlanetManX and they were instructed to safelog and wait for help.

Kythaela Enralei
Kythaela Enralei

It would be just about 10 days later, early in the EVE morning hours on February the 18th, that Signal Cartel pilot Kythaela Enralei, during their travels, would happen upon the Class 4 Wormhole where PlanetManX was, offline, waiting for rescue.

It took EvE-Scout Coordinator Kuroha Hitomi only about 14 minutes to reach the Wormhole to secure it. They were shortly joined by another ESR Coordinator, Tekufah. The two Coordinators combined for more than 150 total successful rescues and were just about to add another one to their resume.

Kuroha Hitomi

As the two coordinators established a presence in the system, it became abundantly clear that fighting was ongoing and Rescue operations could not be conducted straight away. A decision was made to wait, and just a bunch of hours later, after things had calmed down, PlanetManX was safely escorted outside the Wormhole and back to K-space.


We see many rescues like this in a week, sometimes multiple times a day. The wheels of the EvE-Scout Rescue Division never stop turning to help the New Eden Community.

However, there was something very special about this very operation. While all parties were unaware of it, and just treated it like any other ordinary rescue, this would turn out to be rescue number 5000 for the EvE-Scout Rescue Division, cementing this particular operation into our corporate history book.

It is with much honour that I award, on behalf of the EvE-Scout Rescue Division and Signal Cartel, the “SAR Lifesaver – 5000th Rescue” medal to the following pilots:

  • Rani Ulfr (for their role as 911 Dispatcher),
  • Kythaela Enralei (for their role as Wormhole locator),
  • Kuroha Hitomi (for answering the locate and effecting the rescue),
  • Tekufah (for answering the locate and effecting the rescue).

Thank you to all involved for an exemplary operation and thank you to everyone in Signal Cartel for being part, through your travels, of this historical project of ours.
The EvE-Scout Rescue Division thanks each and every one of you.

Here is to 5000 more!

Division Manager
EvE-Scout Rescue Division

NEW EvE-Scout Thera/Turnur Scanning Website/API

Our NEW EvE-Scout Thera/Turnur Scanning Website/API is now live! You can check out the new website via this link and if you are an API user at this link.

We’ve updated the platform with a new, modern interface, new backend, and new API (with documentation). Join us Beyond the Horizon as our services now include scanning connections for Turnur. Also, our route mapping now takes into account Thera, Turnur, and Zarzakh connections.

For more information, please visit our Signal Cartel/EvE-Scout GitHub and raise issues there, or join our Discord #developers channel and tag “@Sky Diamond” with any of your concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you! o7

Katia Sae, EvE-Scout Alliance
Sky Diamond, Signal Cartel Engineering Division Manager

EvE-Scout Thera Scanning Website/API News

EvE-Scout Thera Scanning Website/API News

We are currently in development to replace our EvE-Scout Thera Scanning website and API (https://www.eve-scout.com/api/…). We plan on transitioning to the new website and API by the end of the year. There are a couple of reasons for doing this: we want to update our platform with a new, more modern website and API (with documentation) and expand our services to include Turnur Scanning.

In light of these changes, we’re ready to start testing our alpha version of the API service, which our Development Team will then use to work on our tooling and for the new EvE-Scout website. We are highly interested in getting early feedback from anyone who currently consumes or wishes to test our new API, so we can make further improvements and prevent future issues.

For more information and to participate, please visit our Signal Cartel/EvE-Scout GitHub and raise issues there, or join our Discord #developers channel and tag “@Sky Diamond” with any of your concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration! o7
Katia Sae
EvE-Scout Alliance

Sky Diamond
Signal Cartel Engineering Division Manager

Happy 7th Birthday and 1,000th Live Rescue!

Katia Sae, CEO

I remember when I joined Signal, it was within the first week when the corporation opened its doors, there were about a dozen of us. My thinking, which echoed those that were with us at the time, maybe we’d grow to around 50 members. Explorers tend to be solo’ers, doing their own thing, rarely reaching out or needing anything from anyone. However, in just a couple of weeks we had grown to 100 members and new applications were still pouring in. At one year old, we had grown to over 700 members! Of course at that time, we were something exciting, fresh, and new to New Eden. Today, no longer something new, we’ve settled down to around 300 – 400 members on average as we do prune our ranks to keep active players and to keep ourselves from becoming a warehouse for Alts. Still, that’s a healthy number of explorers hanging out together.

What’s the secret to our success? A corporation is less likely to survive on just shared interest alone, there has to be a solid foundation and a shared goal, for us, that would be our Credo. Signal Cartel was born out of being a service corporation to all of New Eden. With the introduction of Thera in the Rhea expansion in December of 2014, Johnny Splunk wanted Thera to become a freely accessible crossroads to all of New Eden and the EVE-Scout Thera connections site was born. The model behind the service was simple: Thera connection information freely available to all equally, not a paid service, but donations were accepted and then used to compensate the independent scouts that scanned down and entered the signature information.

After some time, these independent scouts wanted to fly together under the same banner. Reaching out to Johnny, who agreed with the idea, a corporation under the EVE-Scout Enclave Alliance was created and Signal Cartel was born. Johnny was the visionary and creator of our foundation which became our Credo. However, as a successful EvE streamer, he knew how time-consuming building a new corp from scratch would be. So, he looked for someone to lead it. As it turns out, Johnny saw my interview with Mynxee, a previously successful CEO of an all-female EvE pirate corp, CSM 5 Chair, and upon returning to the game after a break an explorer and one of the independent scouts for Thera scanning. She was brought on board to be our first CEO. Together Johnny and Mynxee laid down our foundation, built our reputation to what it is today, and the rest as they say is history.

Over the years our services have expanded from Thera scanning to sharing the bookmarks publicly when those came online, to our EVE Scout Rescue services which include rescue cache deployments and live rescues as well as our recently added Storm Tracking service. Our cache program has consistently covered 90% or more of wormhole space, providing probes and launchers to stranded capsuleers. Should there not be a cache in the lost pilot’s system, then we’ll look for them and do live rescues if they’re willing to wait.

1,000 Live EVE Scout Rescues!!!

As it turns out, last month on December 11th 2021, Axar Tiberius saw the alert from our Signal Cartel 911 call service of a stranded pilot in system J——. The message from the stranded pilot indicated they had forgotten to bookmark the exit. Axar knew it was highly likely they knew their entry system and sure enough they did. Quickly he flew to the entry system, navigated the chain, it was an easy, straight forward, routine live rescue. Yet, it was a milestone. Signal Cartel has performed 1,000 live rescues and that doesn’t even include rescues via our cache program. We started keeping track of our rescue service stats in 2017 and it was on April 25th of that year our first live rescue was recorded and performed by Igaze.

Even though it may come across as an individual rescue pilot, that’s far from the truth. All of our services are successful because of the team effort it takes to make these things happen. From our developers that build the tools such as Allison, to our scouts that fly with her, to our cache tenders. All fly under our Credo, friendly to all in our travels and never initiating aggression in an effort to be recognized and respected by all across the cluster and left in peace to do our work.

Happy Birthday Signal Cartel and congratulations on 1,000 live rescues!

Signal Cartel EVE Echoes Chapter

Katia Sae in EVE Echoes

With the official launch of EVE Echoes (EE) this week and in the spirit of our Signal Cartel (SC) motto of “Be the content you wish to see”, we had enough members to express interest in representing us in this new universe. So, we’ve created a new chapter of Signal Cartel in EVE Echoes with the same name, but a different ticker of “I420”. That’s actually the letter “i” and 420, since it had to contain a letter and was limited to 4 characters.

[I420] Signal Cartel

With no current exploration gameplay in Echoes as of yet other than sight seeing, what can you expect of us there? We’ll be fully embracing the core tenants of our Credo, so you can expect us to be neutral and friendly to all capsuleers in our travels in this New Eden as you would expect of us in EVE Online (EO). With no wormholes and no Thera at the moment, our rescue and Thera scanning services are not available. We’ll have to see how that develops in the future, but we will be engaging in PVE and other peaceful endeavors in a family friendly environment together like we do in EO.

Can you join? We’re currently limiting our EVE Echoes membership to only current, active, in good standing Signaleers of our EVE Online community. We wish to protect our reputation that we’ve spent years in developing and this chapter was created in response to our members wishing to represent SC in EVE Echoes. We’ll be watching and evaluating this as we go to see if it grows and where to take it in the future.

Fly clever in whichever universe you find yourself in!

TripTik’s and Preserving the Rich History of EVE

Editor’s Note: You’ve likely heard of our two main services that we offer, EvE-Scout Thera Connections and EvE-Scout Rescue, but you’ve probably not heard about another service we offer and that would be our Expedition TripTik’s. Our former CEO, Mynxee, started this effort that follows in the footsteps of our friend and fellow explorer Mark726 as a complement to EvE Travel, but it’s certainly not meant to be a replacement. Sadly, over the years we’ve not kept it going, but in her honor and in the spirit of our motto of “Be the content you wish to see”, I set about to fix that by rebooting the service with an in corp event over the last couple of months called TripTik’s 2.0.

I had one goal and two hopes. First, it was my goal and hope we would double the size of our library, which I’m happy to report we did! Second, it was my hope that someone would be a “star”, rising to the occasion, and embracing the spirit of our Expeditions. I’m thrilled to report that we did indeed have someone step up. Please welcome Yankee Sullivan as our newly appointed TripTik Historian, who in real life is a Public Historian. I’m excited to see where he takes this new service. – Katia Sae

Following is his post on TripTik’s and Preserving the Rich History of EVE

The Set Up

Yankee Sullivan

Recently, like so many other players, I returned to EVE online. This time before jumping in I decided I wanted to find a Corporation to join first. Already half knowing in my mind what I wanted, I found my way to the Signal Cartel website. I wanted to brave J-Space and rescue other capsuleers. Partially because I’m a nice guy, but more so because I wanted a service-based approach to the sandbox, a focus… a duty.

Well it’s been almost two months and I haven’t rescued a single person or tended a single cache. Why? Because I’ve been acting as a historian for EVE Online along with several other members of the Signal Cartel. You see, just a week or two after I joined, while I was getting myself sorted out and figuring out why I had left assets randomly scattered across the galaxy, the famous Katia Sae announced a new program to revitalize SC’s “TripTik” program.

TripTiks are lore- and player history-based guided tours throughout New Eden. Offered by the lesser known Expeditionary Division of the Signal Cartel. When I was initially snooping around the website, I saw them and noticed that they were a nice idea that were unevenly and non-uniformly done and had a feeling of having been abandoned. At the time I thought to myself, “Aw neat, maybe at some point I’ll put one or two of those together”. Well, Katia aimed to change that by providing an ISK incentive for Signaleers to create new, more fleshed-out TripTiks to coincide with the launch of “TripTik 2.0”.

I gave it a bit of thought and realized that this wasn’t just something I wanted to do. In a way, it was something I was ideally suited to do.

A Brief Bit About Me

Once upon time, freshly returned from 8 years of military service, I determined I wanted to become a Historian. So, I went to college and earned my degree and then took on a specialized certificate program to become a Public Historian. While in the process of earning that degree, I helped create an educational program about maritime history that included a kids and young adult program for Library settings, several lectures, and a walking tour. Later I took on a job at a local Living History Farm Museum and quickly found myself in the role of Program Director. It was then that I pivoted into working in Human services in general and truly I have never been happier.

But I’ve never lost my love of history, and even now I study it avidly and systematically and try often to find time to volunteer at historic sites. Then suddenly, I was being offered a chance to make ISK at something I used to love to do, researching and organizing a history into easily digestible tours…

EVE’s Two Histories and Why they are a Treasure

EVE is just recently seventeen years old and at its core it is a game from a different era that still fundamentally has a different design philosophy. Harder, unforgiving, and often inscrutable. Though, as the Bitter Vets and Doom Sayers will often point out: perhaps not as hard as it once was. But EVE is also a game from an era when games were just bigger. Don’t get me wrong, many modern games are certainly grander. But few are “game worlds” quite the same way that the early first and second generation MMOs were. Even those MMOs that remain no longer focus on the world as much.

But EVE is still a game world (technically a Galaxy) not only filled with planets, jump-gates, stations, and Jita scammers. But also a game with sites of cultural significance, forgotten and remembered battle fields, strange artifacts, and so much more. All of these things lovingly placed there by CCP. These things are in support of the EVE Universe and its rich lore, which has been the subject of countless web articles written by CCP, a bunch of novels, at least one magnificent source book, and of course a handful of other games aside from EVE. It’s eons of lore made manifest in the current game world and the weight and scars of its violent history can be found throughout the galaxy.

Then there’s the player history, the emergent history. More battlefields (naturally). Monuments to the player based efforts to aid real life science. There was a monument created to celebrate a group of players solving a galaxy spanning riddle, and then that monument had its model updated to a “destroyed state” after the player base spent a few weeks shooting it one summer in reaction to a change in direction to the game. There’s a cemetery maintained by a player that’s a monument to the corpses of dead in game characters, but has also become a place for players to memorialize other players who have passed on in real life and sometimes their loved ones or friends who didn’t play their game at all. There’s even been a history book written by a historian about the titanic player wars that have taken place in Null Sec. And a really big statue of Katia Sae.

EVE lore goes back before the game began, and since it launched 17 years ago, both the players have created history, as have the non-player characters controlled by CCP. EVE has changed a lot since it launched. Not only is this an incredibly unique thing in gaming, but it’s a powerful thing as well.

Most players get lured into EVE, typically by a friend talking up the game’s deep complexity, merciless player base, brilliant player driven complexity, or giant record-breaking battles. But I know many players stay or keep coming back because of the sense of history and lore the EVE universe has. That and the way that the players can have a very real impact on that history. It was players who destroyed the Caldari titan over Caldari Prime and right now it is players determining how many systems in Empire space the Triglavians will control. It is that sense of history that helps to mark EVE players for life and, even if they do eventually “win EVE” and never come back, the game will always have a deep place in their heart.

The Problem that TripTiks Help Solve

The greatest issue EVE faces has long been accessibility, and while CCP have made strides to fix the new player experience, this remains true of the Lore and History. There are disparate and unevenly written articles across the internet, there is a source book that is a bit expensive (and I think out of print). There are player blogs and almost two decades of Reddit and other forum posts. But most of these things require you to know where you look or to possess a patience and investment that not necessarily everybody has.

Nor should they have to. EVE can do better at revealing its secrets. As is so often the case, the solution to this (at least for now) is left to the players. So here at the Signal Cartel we have decided to try and help.

TripTiks help to fix this, in one of the best formats possible. The 2.0 TripTik system takes players to the most important and unique locations in the game and then provides carefully written summaries of their importance. Then, they offer links to further information and reading. TripTiks offer a guided way in which players can learn the lore and history of the game by flying their spaceships instead of trudging through google searches and wiki stubs.

TripTik 2.0 includes in-game lore, such as the ancient races of EVE, tours of at least two wars between the Empires, and the aftermath of the Seyllin incident. On the player-created side, you’ll find out where the Capsuleer cemetery is, monuments to player accomplishments, a tour recording the state of Null Sec in YC122, and the location of one of the largest players battles ever. All TripTiks include publicly available bookmarks to help players find the critical locations, travel tips, and other helpful notes.

TripTik 2.0 certainly doesn’t include everything in EVE. In fact, it’s just a drop in the ocean. But hopefully it can inspire other projects, or perhaps even help CCP realize that the player base does care passionately about its lore and shared history, just as much as we do about sweet new zappyboi ships (Well, maybe not as much as new ships, but a close second or third).

It’s my genuine hope as a historian of the EVE sandbox that these TripTiks help preserve this lore and history and that you’ll enjoy experiencing them as much as I enjoyed researching them.

Where to turn in these Unprecedented Times

Editor’s Note: These are unprecedented times we’re living in as the world deals with the Covid 19 pandemic. Signaleer Sloopy Noopers shared the following post on our internal forums and I wanted to share with our larger EvE Online community as well.


Please be advised that all of the information in this post is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect you have a health problem, consult your family physician. If you have or suspect you are experiencing a health emergency, please visit a hospital Emergency Department in your area. Reliance on any information provided by SignalCartel.com appearing in or provided in relation to this post is solely at your own risk. SignalCartel.com assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or obligations arising from the use of this post or any other website to which this post is linked. Your use of third-party websites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such sites.

Sloopy Noopers

We are all lucky enough to be part of the amazing Signal Cartel community and this will no doubt help many of us cope with the current situation and isolation (it’s certainly helping me!!). There are a lot of amazing people here who are more than happy to chat and help you alleviate the boredom and stress that may come your way. However, it is important to recognise, as Thrice said in his post, that we aren’t medical professionals and we can only offer a friendly ear and some fun distraction. If you or someone close to you is suffering with mental health issues, or you suspect that they may be, it is important to seek professional guidance. With that in mind I have put together a list of useful links to resources which you can use or direct people towards. This list is nowhere near complete so please add links and any useful resources to this thread as you see fit.

These are some links to some sites and organisations you may find useful for you or those close to you. Hopefully these will guide you in the right direction. However, by no means is this a comprehensive list so please check that these are right for your situation.

General Links

This is the Rethink Mental Illness site dedicated to Covid 19 and mental health. They offer a massive amount of advice which is specific to the current situation. They are based in the UK but there is a lot of general information which will be useful to everyone.

The official US government mental health website has a very useful guide to the basics of mental health. This includes information regarding the early warning signs that someone may be suffering with poor mental health.

The NHS have a very useful guide to anxiety and mindfulness. Anxiety can creep up on you out of nowhere so this general guide can help you identify the symptoms as well as suggest some simple coping methods. The NHS have more advice and guidance on their Every Mind Matters page.

UK charity Mind offers up some excellent advice on coping with loneliness on their site. Loneliness is a growing problem in our world which is likely to be heightened due to the current situation. Hopefully Mind’s guide will help you support yourself and those close to you.

Just Answer is a live chat service with medical professionals who can offer advice and guidance on a wide range of issues. This is an excellent site but I would imagine that they are somewhat over run. If you are unsure as to your situation or that of someone close to you contacting Just Answer can help by giving advice and also freeing up already strained medical services.

Childline has an excellent online toolbox with ways to cope with stress, anxiety and a range of other issues. Although aimed at children (this is very useful for people with children who may be scared and anxious) there is some excellent guidance which everyone can use.

The BBC have a useful article with tips on protecting your mental health during the outbreak. They have also produced a short video in partnership with Anxiety UK.

For an EvE Online community based support group, please reach out to Broadcast 4 Reps. They have a Discord server as well you can check out.

Regional Links

We have members here from all over the world so it would be difficult to give a complete list of mental health services for every region. I’ve put together a list of useful agencies for some of the big regions. Please, by all means, add to this for your region.


Beyond Blue – Support and guidance for all mental health issues

Kids Helpline – Support and advice for people aged 5-25


Fil Sante Jeunes – Advice and support for children and young people

SOS Amitié – Support for those in distress or struggling with mental health

Croix Rouge – Red Cross mental health support


Samaritans US – 24hr phones with people who will listen and help you through

Mentalhealth.Gov – US government mental health organisation

Warmline.org – Peer-run mental health and crisis support lines

Please Live have a pretty comprehensive directory of US support lines here.

Mental Health America is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all Americans.This site contains information about mental illness, warning signs, and other resources.


Samaritans UK – As with the US group

CAMHS – NHS mental health support for children and young people)

Mind – UK mental health charity


Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page containing details of a range of mental health support groups around the world. Although not a complete list this should give some great starting points.

Stay safe and see you in space!!