EvE-Scout Rescues 5000th stranded Capsuleer

From Katia Sae: It’s an absolute privilege to share this news with the greater New Eden community. EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel offer many service-oriented efforts to our fellow Capsuleers and one of our first was our EvE-Scout Rescue Division (ESR). Through their efforts we rescue stranded pilots in wormhole space either via Search and Rescue operations or our Rescue Caches that are seeded throughout New Eden. We currently have 2400 active caches which covers 92% of wormhole space. Recently, our ESR Division celebrated our 5000th rescued capsuleer! Following is an announcement from our ESR Division Manager Xalyar.


Greetings New Eden Community!

When the EvE-Scout Rescue Division was first established, it was a cocktail napkin, pen & paper kind of adventure for those involved. It wasn’t until the advent of our co-pilot Allison in 2017 that stats started to be tracked continuously and diligently. Since then, we have accumulated many a record while performing our duties to help those stranded in wormhole space. Many pilots have been saved thanks to probes and launchers found in our Rescue Caches, and all of that has built up to quite an impressive record during many years.

It was in late 2021 that rescuers performed the 1000th Live Rescue. In June 2023, the 911 Rescue team received its 10,000th 911 call, and reached a total of 3000 cache rescues.


It is with great pride that I come to you today with another outstanding milestone that was recently achieved. Bear with me while I tell the story surrounding it.

On February the 8th 2024, at 20:42 EVE time, a pilot by the name of PlanetManX (who has graciously allowed us to share their name for this announcement), reached out to our 911 Service in search for help after getting stranded.

Rani Ulfr
Rani Ulfr

Signal Cartel and 911 Operator Rani Ulfr (only on their 14th call answered at that point in time), responded to the call and established contact with the pilot. Without a chance to use the Rescue Cache for a direct rescue, and without a way into the wormhole, a Search and Rescue Request (SAR) was opened for PlanetManX and they were instructed to safelog and wait for help.

Kythaela Enralei
Kythaela Enralei

It would be just about 10 days later, early in the EVE morning hours on February the 18th, that Signal Cartel pilot Kythaela Enralei, during their travels, would happen upon the Class 4 Wormhole where PlanetManX was, offline, waiting for rescue.

It took EvE-Scout Coordinator Kuroha Hitomi only about 14 minutes to reach the Wormhole to secure it. They were shortly joined by another ESR Coordinator, Tekufah. The two Coordinators combined for more than 150 total successful rescues and were just about to add another one to their resume.

Kuroha Hitomi

As the two coordinators established a presence in the system, it became abundantly clear that fighting was ongoing and Rescue operations could not be conducted straight away. A decision was made to wait, and just a bunch of hours later, after things had calmed down, PlanetManX was safely escorted outside the Wormhole and back to K-space.


We see many rescues like this in a week, sometimes multiple times a day. The wheels of the EvE-Scout Rescue Division never stop turning to help the New Eden Community.

However, there was something very special about this very operation. While all parties were unaware of it, and just treated it like any other ordinary rescue, this would turn out to be rescue number 5000 for the EvE-Scout Rescue Division, cementing this particular operation into our corporate history book.

It is with much honour that I award, on behalf of the EvE-Scout Rescue Division and Signal Cartel, the “SAR Lifesaver – 5000th Rescue” medal to the following pilots:

  • Rani Ulfr (for their role as 911 Dispatcher),
  • Kythaela Enralei (for their role as Wormhole locator),
  • Kuroha Hitomi (for answering the locate and effecting the rescue),
  • Tekufah (for answering the locate and effecting the rescue).

Thank you to all involved for an exemplary operation and thank you to everyone in Signal Cartel for being part, through your travels, of this historical project of ours.
The EvE-Scout Rescue Division thanks each and every one of you.

Here is to 5000 more!

Division Manager
EvE-Scout Rescue Division