NEW EvE-Scout Thera/Turnur Scanning Website/API

Our NEW EvE-Scout Thera/Turnur Scanning Website/API is now live! You can check out the new website via this link and if you are an API user at this link.

We’ve updated the platform with a new, modern interface, new backend, and new API (with documentation). Join us Beyond the Horizon as our services now include scanning connections for Turnur. Also, our route mapping now takes into account Thera, Turnur, and Zarzakh connections.

For more information, please visit our Signal Cartel/EvE-Scout GitHub and raise issues there, or join our Discord #developers channel and tag “@Sky Diamond” with any of your concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you! o7

Katia Sae, EvE-Scout Alliance
Sky Diamond, Signal Cartel Engineering Division Manager