Anoikis Division (AD)

The Anoikis Division (AD) offers members of Signal Cartel the opportunity to live and operate from Player Owned Stations (POS) within wormhole space. Living in a wormhole, provides AD members with a variety of new challenges and experiences with the goal of expanding their knowledge and exploration of New Eden.

Engineering Division

Signal Cartel is a high-tech corporation. The Engineering Division is a small but international group of dedicated Pest Control professionals who also do a little programming on the side. We write and maintain the corporation’s proprietary software applications to support our recruiting and member management services, the Signal Cartel Academy, the role-playing division OPSEC, the Signal Cartel Fleet School, the Carrier Logistics buyback program, and the EvE-Scout Rescue Division.

Supporting the estimated 42,000 lines of code needed to run Signal Cartel requires a lot of time spent counting lines of code, but we stay motivated by the ideals enshrined in our division motto: “Rest and drink plenty of fluids.” In our spare time we like to explore the etymology of obscure German idioms.

Central Services

From cleaning the corridors around station to stocking free range coffee ground fresh daily for upper management, we do the jobs no one else wants to. We handle services like our Expedition TripTiks, maintaining our 1420.Haulers List, curating the EvE-Scout Observatory, running this blog and website you’re currently visiting, as well as providing Quartermaster services to our stations in Gelhan, Saisio, Thera, and Zoohen. You need it, we got it, or we’ll get it. Recently we’ve added a new service, new member relocation. Just joined and need your assets moved to one of our stations? Just ask! Sure, we’re not as glamorous as some of our divisions, but without a foundation of clean floors to stand upon, our corporation wouldn’t be able to shine like it does!

EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR)

One of our oldest programs, what started as a simple quest to place caches of supplies for stranded capsuleers has grown to include a 911 Operator team, Search and Rescue Coordinators, as well as the original, greatly expanded, rescue cache program. The 911 Operator team responds to calls for rescue by stranded capsuleers, helping them access our rescue caches or flying out to shepherd them back to known space. In situations where no rescue cache is present or where those options do not provide any help to the stranded pilot, our search and rescue team takes over heading out when we find a route. The whole program is supported by our co-pilot, Allison, who helps with all aspects of the program from providing cache data to alerting our teams when stranded pilots are located. In accordance with our Credo, these services are free and available to capsuleers of all play styles and allegiance.

Fleet Operations Division (FOD)

The Fleet Operations Division (FOD) was created to help aspiring pilots learn how to take on new roles within fleets, cultivate new skills, and build confidence. The mission of FOD is to help each Signaleer come into confident possession of their innate talents and facilitate knowledge creation and sharing by fostering connections between Signaleers. FOD recognizes that each Signaleer is unique, and we respect individual needs, differences in learning styles, and variations in desired involvement levels.

Splunkworks Division

Splunkworks, named as a homage both to the famous Lockheed Skunkworks and to Signal Cartel founder Johnny Splunk, is the division of Signal Cartel that provides advice to members on selecting, fitting, and flying the best ship for their needs. Regular offerings include updating and revising the Corp Fits, instituting fun “Fitting Challenge” contests, and providing more detailed guides for common Signal Cartel use cases, such as Covops Exploration and Wormhole PvE. Our Splunkworks group also serves as our go-to consultants for Fleet Doctrine concept planning.