Fleet Operations Division

Fleet Operations Division (FOD) was created to help aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts learn how to take on new roles within fleets, cultivate new skills, and build confidence. We facilitate this in a variety of ways: peer-to-peer learning, practicing newly acquired skills in low-pressure, low-stakes environments, and promoting mentoring relationships between aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts and more experienced FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts who are willing to share their skills and wisdom.

Our operations also serve as an entry point into fleet operations for new pilots. Many of our outings have at least one new pilot who has never participated in any kind of fleet activity before. Once entry is made, pilots build their fleet skills and gain confidence as they continue to fly with FOD.

The mission of FOD is to help each Signaleer come into confident possession of his/her innate talents and facilitate knowledge creation and sharing by fostering connections between Signaleers. FOD recognizes that each Signaleer is unique, and we respect individual needs, differences in learning styles, and variations in desired involvement levels.