Consummatum Est (a poem)

Void Raven

by Void Raven
(In tribute to the achievement of Katia Sae)

Consummatum Est

Nine years ago she heard a relentless call
to embark on a journey to see it all,
It touched the wanderer in her soul
and foreshadowed countless jumps through both stargate and wormhole.

And so, in answer, did she set sail
on a venture so grand it makes others seem pale,
On March the 9th, YC121
was the great endeavor finally done.

And on that truly singular day
“Consummatum est” she heard her grandfather say.
“I’ve wandered the stars and now, at last, count my soul among them.” said she,
shaking stardust from her hair and brimming with glee.

So now, fulfilled is this glorious dream
with the aid of her fellow explorers in the Signal Cartel team.
In Saisio now stands a beautiful bronze statue for all to see,
the place where New Eden will remember Katia Sae in eternity.

  • Void Raven