Rescue in J101129: Everyday Hero

A request for help came across the EvE-Scout channel. The stranded pilot (who has asked to remain anonymous) knew the HS/C1 chain to his wormhole. The problem was that the only hole he had bookmarked was the C1/C4 and it would only allow medium-sized ships through it. The only other hole out was a large one to a C3, but its mass was critically destabilized and he had two large ships that needed an exit. He had a way to refit but had no probes or launcher currently fitted and the system did not contain a rescue cache.

Using the known HS/C1 connection,¬†Expert Rescue Pilot Luci Mari-Ni was able to easily locate and enter the stranded pilot’s system. But she was concerned the stranded pilot would be stuck even worse if she went through the destabilized wormhole and collapsed it. The Search and Rescue effort would be considerably more challenging if that occurred.

At the stranded pilot’s request, they rolled the dice, and Luci went through into the C3. The stranded pilot brought one of his large ships through then went back to retrieve the second. It was a tense moment as Luci waited for him to re-emerge from the wormhole before it collapsed. And then the second ship appeared. Hooray!

In the C3 system, there was a rescue cache, from which Luci was able to retrieve a probe launcher and scanner probes. She jettisoned a can with with these items into space for the stranded pilot to pick up. As he did so, she scanned down the system’s LS exit and began scouting in it to see if would be safe. But the stranded pilot soon waved her off; now that he had probes and a launcher, he was no longer stranded and able to scan his own way out to known space. Mission accomplished!

When I learned of the events the next day, I reached out to the rescued pilot for feedback on how the rescue went, as we do on all rescues. Many times we hear nothing back, but this pilot went out of his way to send the following note:

Luci Mari-Ni did not just help, but went above and beyond what I was expecting them to. Great person, great pilot, and helped me out greatly. I can’t begin to thank them enough. Through their service I even donated to your guy’s cause, which is an odd thing for me to do.

To start, I want to say I was skeptical of calling on you folk to help. In a game where trust is rare because anyone can be willing and ready to stab you in the back for the lolz, you hold true to honor and integrity. I heard good things about you, but figured it was old tales of a group that used to help others out and now just uses people to cleverly hunt others. I was wrong. Not only was I helped with saving my two rattles, but the pilot who helped went beyond what they needed to do to make sure I got out safe. They even offered to scout me through LS to HS, but I declined, for their job was done and it was time for me to own up to any potential mistakes that may or may not happen. This one pilot’s actions has now convinced me to not engage knowingly with Signal Cartel. Which is saying something, since everyone is a target or future target.

This is just a day in the life of a Signal Cartel Rescue Pilot. Every rescue is different, and every rescue matters. We have rescue caches in approximately 60% of wormholes, waiting to assist you should you need a launcher and scanner probes. If that won’t help you, we have pilots in space, 24/7 in every time zone, ready to assist you should you become stranded in a wormhole.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Then consider joining with Luci Mari-Ni and our scores of other Rescue Pilots. Start your rescue adventure today!

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