Signal Cartel Blog Annual Review 2019

Since introducing Signal Cartel’s Blog site on June 19, 2017 we’ve had a total of 68 post. For 2019, we saw a increase in post from 25 in 2017, and 6 in 2018, to 37 for this year! We introduced a new series called “Signaleers” which seems to have gone over well. I thought for this last post of the year, I would review and index our post by category and by authors.

It’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to seeing what content we can do in 2020. I would love to see us break 37 post in the new year. Thanks everyone for reading! Please take time and comment on those post you like and we’d welcome any suggestions for content you’d like to see. What was your favorite post from 2019?

Post by Category 2017 – 2019


[1420.] Life


EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR)


In Character – Roleplay


Signal Cartel Fiction Competition


State of the Signal

Post by Author 2017 – 2019

A Dead Parrot

Alan Mathison

Ancestral Respawn

Angel Lafisques

Auds Lennelluc

Bako Cherry

Bob N’Weave

Cassandra Habalu

Charles Aucie

Dagmar Maulerant

Dravik Zinmar

Este DeStirr

Felippe en Distel

Gaston Charante


Joshua Ballard

Kamiti Arcamer

Katherine Skysong

Katia Sae

Lucas Ballard

Meroveus Deveran


Null Flare


Shiro Karagi

Sky Diamond

Sloopy Noopers

Soup Atross

Sydney Selket

System Baud

Tephra Solette


Theana Gaterau

Thrice Hapus

Tolgaard Asanari

Tom Servonaut

Void Raven

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