Signaleer Auds Lennelluc

Editor’s Note: We’re starting a new series called Signaleers! We want you to get to know us. We’ll be exploring the lives of some of our fellow corp mates in Signal Cartel, where we hope to share how they got started in exploration, tips and experiences, ship fits, favorite images, and more. Hope our readers enjoy and please let us know if you do. Also, if you have other suggestions on blog post you’d like to see, let us know that too.

Auds Lennelluc

Auds Lennelluc

What attracted you to EVE Online and how long have you played?

I became a capsuleer at the end of 2016, I’d heard about EvE going free-to-play and thought it would be fun to try out for an hour or two. I was Omega the same day. I just wanted to fly ships and be a part of the weird universe I’d seen YouTube videos about. I’d seen videos about the big battles and was curious about the smaller mechanics, the everyday.

What is your background as a pilot? Did you jump right into exploration, start in the military, hired by a corporation, or something else?

I joined a small corp quite quickly, and started some PVE, but it went downhill fast – we were constantly griefed and then wardecced by people one of our corp had upset with his attitude. Our Astrahus in Avele was killed so we joined Apocalypse Now and relocated to Provi. I did some nullsec explo, but really just liked flying around and seeing the sights. I left the corp to go solo, and even tried E-Uni for a little while, but didn’t really feel a part of it. I joined Signal Cartel after realising that the Credo was pretty much how I was operating anyway, and it turned out to be a superb fit. I like to do a bit of everything these days.

What attracted you to explore New Eden? What is your goal and have you achieved it? If not, are you still working towards your goal, do plan to continue, or what are you currently doing?

New Eden seemed, still does, like the Wild West to me. It’s relatively untameable and volatile. I love being a part of it and discovering new things about it for myself – I saw the only named planet in Wormhole Space last week, which I had never heard of before. I like to see the human side of it, and like being able to help. I don’t think I have any hard goals, other than to jump the gates, map the holes and wave as I pass.

What is the name of your favorite ship that you enjoy flying the most while exploring?

Oh, that would be ‘Concord Billboard’ – she’s not too expensive, but she gets the job done.

Concord Billboard

[Astero,Concord Billboard]
Sentient Signal Amplifier
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Sentient Signal Amplifier

Zeugma Integrated Analyzer
Scan Acquisition Array II
Sensor Booster II
5MN Microwarpdrive II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Small Signal Focusing Kit II
Small Signal Focusing Kit II
Small Signal Focusing Kit II

Hobgoblin II x5
Hammerhead II x2
Hornet EC-300 x5

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8
ECCM Script x1

During your travels, what has been the most interesting fact, amazing sight, or other aspect of New Eden that has surprised you?

It’s that even the worst people in New Eden often display their best. EvE can be a toxic environment, but there are diamonds in the coal. My son, at 7-years-old, had his ship destroyed during Burn Jita. The people who killed him (Goons, iirc) convo’d him, gave him tips, gave him isk, helped him fit a new ship and encouraged him to keep flying.

What have you learned or what advice would you give to someone interested in exploring New Eden?

Remember that it’s just a game, but never forget that you’re surrounded by real people. People with hopes, ambitions and problems both inside and outside of New Eden. Also learn D-Scan properly, it’s a really versatile tool.

Do you have a favorite image from your explorations?

I remember the first time I really started looking at things in the game, this was just an asteroid, and I’d never really thought about how beautiful even the rocks in this game were before. There’s beauty everywhere in New Eden, even in the mundane.

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